What3Word for SteemTravelers: The Easiest Way to Pinpoint Places of Interest On a Map [10% hive-111293]

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Placing Our Adventures On a Map With What3Words

Steem travelers is more about activities, people and places. Being able to accurately describe the spot where the event took place is very important for a quality post on Steem travelers. It's common to describe a location using the closest land mark, but very frustrating when there is none. In a Forest with trees everywhere or in the sea with water all around.
What if we had an easier way of describing a place, even easier than the use of co-ordinate. A system that addresses the problem of lack of nearby landmark to describe from.


What3Words makes use of three words to describe every location on Earth. Roughly, every 3 square metres on earth has been assigned a set of Three words.
With What3Word, you can pinpoint to a location on the mountain with the precision of 3 square metres. It is so efficient that you can locate a place anywhere in the world in less than three seconds depending on your internet speed. With What3Words you can point to a location in the middle of Alaska.

How Effective is What3Word

Traditionally, If I am to guide you to where I snapped this sculpture. I could ask you to use a map, locate Africa then Nigeria, pan down to AkwaIbom State towards the South. Locate Uyo then identify the University of Uyo. On getting to the university, locate the creative Art Department and you with find me standing by this sculpture. Close to sculpture garden. That required plenty of words.


To describe this location using What3Words simply click here on Location

This will take you to the spot at sculpture garden where I snapped this picture.

Screenshot_20211122-221226~2.png This is the exact location of the sculpture on the map

How to Use What3Word


  • At the address bar of your browser, enter the URL www.what3words.com

  • This will load to a default location


  • You can navigate by panning the screen to the desired location or use the search feature at the top right corner


  • Type on the address for the location you are searching for, then pan the map to be more precise.

  • If you have the 3 words for the location, you can enter it using this format

To extract a location co-ordinate

  • Select the share button
  • click on the copy icon


Embedding location in Steemit

To insert the location into a Steemit post you can simply paste the copied link into you post.
Like this:


Though this will not look good without some Markdown formatting

Applying Steemit markdown

To nicely format the What3Words link into your post, you will need square brackets and the normal brackets as shown here
[ ]()
Place What3Word into the square brackets [What3Words]
followed by the link in the normal bracket (https://w3w.co/rocky.glider.flip)
Note that there is no space between all items.

This is what the complete format looks like:
photostudio_1637674617100.png. In the editor mode. While the display shows only the content of the square brackets as a hyperlink Which looks like this What3Words

With this our readers can easily place the described location on a map making adding to the quality of our post.

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 2 months ago 

Nice write-up by you @manuelhooks, this will really help us in steem travelers to show exact location of where our images is taken from. Supposed I am in a certain place and I don't know where I am, can this program automatically locate where I am?

 2 months ago 

This post will be of great help to new users


 2 months ago 


Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

Verified userYES
 2 months ago 

Your post is very helpful and it is very important for everyone. It will keep newcomers interested and help in many cases. Thank you for sharing with us.


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