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The Maldives is a nation of 1192 islands that are spanned across the equator and only 200 of them are inhabited!

And on some islands...we have hotels and resorts - Very high class ones!

And I had the golden opportunity to visit and stay on one of the island back in 2011-2012!

I will write different posts on my stay at the Maldives as one post won't be enough...

I actually went over there for giving a helping hand to the kitchen team of the W Maldives which was a Starwood Hotel Brand back then!

So get to the Maldives from my country I had to transit at Dubai then from there I got a flight to the capital city of Maldives - Malé

Here I am boarding the air taxi...

Air taxi...

You read that well...yes air taxi!!!

From Malé, I had to take an air taxi and reached the island that I would stay for 2 months.

Just for your information...once you reach the island, the air taxi drops you on a wooden platform in the middle of the ocean...

Then you have to wait for the hotel to send a speedboat to pick you and your luggage up till the hotel!

Below is the wooden platform where the air taxi will drop you and you have to wait there until your hotel sends the speedboat!!!

I was together with these people in the air taxi!

This is the hotel that I went to give a helping hand in the kitchen...

All the staffs stay on the island itself...while the guests rooms are spread in the sea as you can see below with some rooms on the island too.

W Maldives - Fesdu Island in the Northern part of Ari Atoll.

This was one of the first photo of the hotel I was about to work for 2 months...I was just amazed with the beauty!

Ps. Most of the staffs work with shorts and wear slippers...

For me it was a discovery as it was the first time I was working at such a place...


Photos of the guests rooms found on sea water and relaxation area...simply paradise!



One of the most beautiful places I've been in my life...

I live on an island too...but can't be compared to the Maldives!!!

The Maldives is just super beautiful and you can see how everyone is working hard to try keep the sea and nature around in a good state!

By the is not allowed to fish in the lagoons in Maldives, you are only allowed to fish like 1.5 km away in the sea. The fine is big if you are caught fishing in shallow waters!

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of The Maldives!!!

So better I share some photos I took during my stay for you to enjoy!

Ps. Apologies for the images quality...these were taken back in 2011/2012 with my Iphone 3!!!

The below photo was during one of my day off...we spent it on a traditional boat and went out fishing!!!

Needless to say...we caught tons of fishes!!

maldive 053.jpg
Yeah I look stoned...I know!!! Hahaha!!!

maldive 152.jpg
Me and part of the team working at W Maldives back then!

The kitchen I was working in...

Below is a friend from Sri Lanka, named Asela having fun in the kitchen!

The working atmosphere is simply extraordinary over have to experience it to get to know what I am saying!

maldive 167.jpg

maldive 180.jpg

As mentioned above...I have a lot to write and share on my stay at The Maldives and will do so some other time...

I hope you've enjoyed this little post and will give it some support!

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully appreciating my blog!
Best Regards!


Hermoso y fantástico amigo, que paraíso natural y de seguro culinario también.

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Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

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The photo from the hotel website is not on the CC licence, so it would be good to remove it, but it's a very small mistake ;)

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Your pictures are really awesome. Have a nice day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.


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Maldives is one of my favorite countries. Although never traveled to the Maldives. But I want to travel to Maldives. Nice to read your travel story. Thanks and best wishes


The joy of cooking. One thing that bothers my mind is that why is it that most women are not chefs?

Thanks for sharing.

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