Photo contest: The History. // Catedral de Ciudad Bolivar. //#club5050

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Hi #Steem-Travelers community I really liked this contest when I saw it in the promotion that makes the friend @disconnect in this link

But it was not necessary to make any trip since in my city there are many buildings and places full of history.



Its original name is Cathedral of Santo Tomas, is located in the highest part of the city center, which is called Casco histórico, because in that place happened many events that are part of the history of my country Venezuela.

The Cathedral is the highest house of the Catholic religion, headquarters of the archdiocese, was created on June 21, 1958, has a large tower where the bell is 44 meters.

Inside is the patron saint of the city Our Lady of the Snows. There is also a sculpture dedicated to Saint Thomas. When it is time for mass it is beautiful to hear the bells ringing.

This is my participation that I did it with pleasure, that you know part of the history of my city, the photo is taken with my Sony camera.

I invite @nayita238 @luimer79 @genomil this is the link


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Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

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Hello and where do I check

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This is the church?

Hello, if it is a church, it is the Cathedral, the highest of the catholic religion, it is the largest, it is like a category, because there are churches, chapels.

Hola amiga, nuestra catedral es muy hermosa, embellece nuestro casco histórico.
Saludos, éxito en el concurso.

Si es imponente como se ve desde lo lejos y la torre donde esta el reloj y la campana, una gran obra de estructura, gracias

Beautiful Church it is. I would love for you to give us the coordinates or the link for the building probably next time.

Thanks for sharing

Ah I can't do it now I edit and put it I didn't know I had to do it or I didn't detail it in the rules.

Oooh ok

Thanks dear.

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Your post has been awesome. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.


Thank you

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