The standard of human life depends on success|| written by abeeha

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You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You need to be obsessed with purpose, with results, to think about it every day and work on it. If someone tells you that you can succeed with a few hours of light work a day, it is almost unbelievable, because enthusiasm and persistent action give the impression that you will move towards the goal. It's hard to determine the right start that affects us so much that we don't need discipline to work, once we start and when we start believing that great success is possible The door opens. We are looking for faster results, but unfortunately, they are slowly coming to fruition. Success requires preparation and knowledge that will recognize the opportunity and use it at the right time. The level of leadership thinking is one step above material success as leaders create their own opportunities. When it comes to long-term results, there is no coincidence or luck. Real knowledge is the key, the way you treat others is the way to success because everyone loves good people who want to support them. The principle of success is always the same to get support, give some criteria to get.

The greatest victory is when we overcome our past success. We need to reach this level to plan hours, days, weeks in advance, and until we need to change some details to achieve the goal quickly, everything according to plan need to. Leadership has special responsibilities, you need to take the lead on the way up and tell others how to reach you. Dedicate yourself to achieving your goal, wake up with the intention that your day will be a winner, don't give up if you encounter obstacles along the way.
What man loves. He no longer cares about compensation. Anyone who thinks that what I will get will never be successful. There can be no specific definition of success. The definition is different for everyone. Achieving is the key to success.

And today's research says that for success, it is necessary to have a specific field and field. This person has spent ten thousand hours of heart and mind in any work. He becomes an expert in it and he can easily develop Is.
Think about success
All these people think about their success. Looking at the world system and the world situation, they think, why am I not succeeding? They think I'm still where I left off. Why?


It is a fact that a person in whose life new circumstances, new events and new people do not come cannot develop. That is why every Sufi travels the world. And for him the outside world becomes new and The world inside also becomes new.
That is why in the Qur'an, Allah Almighty commands meditation more than 700 times
It is also about those who do not meditate that Allah seals their hearts.
Socrates says that I do not teach, I do not teach, I just force to think.

Remember that cheapness is the enemy of a successful person
Power of master mind
Another virtue of a successful person is perseverance. They persevere in their intentions. Perseverance is a miracle.
Take advice from people who have made success their goal in life and believe that successful people are the ones who have reached their success. They are the masterminds of their work. They think of each other as eleven.
And our greatest tragedy is that we think of the end of the beginning of any work first and the end of the work which is thought of first can never be found and completed.

To be successful, a person has to be fearless. It doesn't matter if you are successful or unsuccessful. However, you will definitely make a difference. Get out of the worries of the day and the worries of the night and think big. Without showing it to anyone, you connect your points and then come to a point where people shout that you really are now. They are extraordinary human beings.
This can only be done by a person who reads books other than the syllabus, finds things, does research. And then what he thinks leads to a big conclusion.

Socrates says that I am a scholar because I know my ignorance.

He who does not know his ignorance is not a scholar. So first of all correct your perception of success, find your ignorance and weakness, work on it and make it your strength.

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