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Hello friends! I hope you are all well. May Allah keep you smiling.
You always smile because that is the sign of successful people.
Despair is a sin. When we are disappointed, it means that we are ungrateful for the innumerable blessings given by Allah. Depression is not a disease. In fact, it is despair.
Today we review Depression What is it? And how does it happen?
And how can this be overcome?


From time to time we all suffer from sadness, frustration and boredom. Usually these symptoms go away in a week or two and it doesn't make much difference in our lives. Sometimes this sadness starts for a reason and sometimes it starts for no reason. Usually we deal with this sadness on our own. Sometimes talking to friends cures this sadness and no treatment is needed. But medically sadness is called depression when:

  • The feeling of sadness lasts for many days and never ends

  • Depression can be so severe that it can affect your daily routine.

How does depression feel?
The severity of depression is much deeper and more painful than the general depression we all experience from time to time. It also lasts much longer than normal depression and lasts for months. The following symptoms indicate depression. Not every patient has all the symptoms, but if you have at least four of them, you are more likely to have depression.

۔ Being sad and depressed all the time or most of the time

۔ Don't be fond of the things and things you are interested in first, don't enjoy anything

۔ Feeling physically or mentally weak, feeling very tired

۔ Not being able to concentrate on daily tasks or things

۔ Feeling inferior, low self-esteem

۔ Keep blaming yourself for the little things of the past, think of yourself as useless and useless.

۔ Frustration with the future

۔ Suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide

۔ Sleep deprivation

۔ Loss of appetite

Why does depression occur?
Some people may or may not have a specific cause for depression. Many people who are depressed and suffer from depression do not understand the cause of their depression. Nevertheless, their depression sometimes becomes so severe that they need help and treatment.

  • Matters of life
    It is normal to feel sad for a while after a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or loss of a job. For the next few weeks we keep thinking and talking about it. Then after a while we realize this fact and come back to our daily life. But some people get out of this sadness. Unable to get out and suffer from depression.

• Circumstances and events
If we are lonely, have no friends around us, are depressed, or suffer from severe physical fatigue, the risk of developing depression increases.

  • Physical illnesses
    Physically ill people have an increased risk of developing depression. These diseases can be life-threatening, such as cancer or heart disease, or they can be very long-lasting and painful, such as joint pain or respiratory diseases. Young people are more likely to develop viral infections such as the flu and depression.

• Personality
Depression can happen to anyone at any time, but some people have a higher risk of developing depression than others. This may be due to our personality as well as our childhood experiences.

Drinking alcohol
Most of the people who drink a lot of alcohol get depression. Sometimes it is not known whether a person has become depressed due to drinking alcohol or has started drinking more alcohol due to depression. They drink a lot of alcohol and have a higher risk of suicide than the general population.

Women are more likely to have depression than men.

Depression is more common in some families. For example, if one of your parents suffers from depression, you are eight times more likely to develop depression than other people.


Is Depression Another Name for Personal Weakness?
Just as diabetes is a disease and high blood pressure is a disease, so is depression. The disease can affect anyone, no matter how strong inside. Just as patients with illnesses deserve empathy and treatment, so do patients with depression who deserve empathy and treatment, not to be criticized and ridiculed.


How Can You Help With Depression?

  • Do not keep your emotional state a secret.
    If you've heard any bad news, share it with someone close to you and let them know how you're feeling inside. Repeatedly, crying and talking about grief in front of a close person often lightens the burden of the heart

Do physical work.

Keep exercising, even if it's just a half-hour walk every day. Exercise also improves a person's physical health and sleep. Keep yourself busy with some chores, even if it's just housework. This keeps the human mind away from painful thoughts.

  • Eat good food.
    It is very important to eat a balanced diet even if your heart does not want to eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most beneficial. In depression, people skip meals, which leads to a lack of vitamins in the body and makes the condition worse.

  • Stay away from alcohol.
    Some people think that drinking alcohol reduces the severity of their depression. In fact, drinking can make depression worse. It may be temporarily beneficial for a few hours but later you will feel more depressed. Drinking too much alcohol makes your problems worse, you don't get the right help and your physical health starts to deteriorate.

• Sleep
Don't worry about not getting enough sleep. Even if you can't sleep, lying down comfortably watching TV or listening to the radio will give you peace of mind and reduce your anxiety.

  • Try to eliminate the cause of depression.
    If you think you know the cause of your depression, writing it down and considering how to deal with it can help reduce depression.

Don't be discouraged.
Remind yourself that:

Other people have gone through the same experience as you.

One day your depression will go away, even if you don't think so.

Are you agree with my this opinion?

Thanks to all
Special thanks





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