A boy's autobiography

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A man can never have value pride. To redeem the value and pride of the loved ones around their birth. A wife never breaks her husband's pride. Because a husband does not let his wife know that he is upset today.

The man in love never wants to know if you're upset today? When she returned home from the office exhausted from the day, she saw that her baby was asleep. When he woke up in the morning and went to the office, he saw that his child was asleep. Except for that holiday, there is very little talk and very little meeting with the child.

Every day when the late arrives from the office, the wife sits proudly. A wife wants to see her husband next to her. But the husband's busyness does not allow that to happen. I must come early tomorrow from the office. But that is not the case. Busy again the next day. Women's minds are much softer. The sooner they get angry, the sooner they get love, the sooner all their anger and pride disappears. A chocolate garland, even if it's too much, is enough for them.

When a boy is able to break the anger and pride of their loved ones and see a smile, it seems as if he has conquered the world.

You neeed moree thaan lucck to succceed in afffiliate businesss. How lonng wiill one saccrifice? One dayy or annother the relationship will end. There can be no sweeter relationship than the one in which people are less satisfied.

Alvin Wales