Writing and Reviews: 🔝 Top Picks of the week, Sunday June 13th 💖

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🔝 Top Picks of the week, Sunday June 13th 💖

Hello dear steemians, as usual, from Writing & Reviews we continue highlighting the perseverance and commitment of the members of our community. Therefore, in addition to the daily posts selected for Community Support, we continue to select posts weekly to highlight them, both for their originality and commitment to the #steemit ecosystem.


Here are the selected ones of this week:

@angelycong: "MY MAMA"

@danay:¿Cuál es el sentido de la vida? El verdadero valor del perdón

@wiseagent: Lorde is back and invites everyone to a "private party" on the beach.

@palabreador: POEMA A MI MADRE ¿AUSENTE? by @palabreador

@sarakomuva: SOMEONE'S FEAR

@kawsar: Adequate sleep is essential for good health

@discouragedones: Scorpions - Wind Of Change | Solo Cover and Review About This Song |

@elacash: Book review : the ass has no brains


That's it for this week!

We really hope that you enjoy this special post about our top picks!

Thank you all for sharing with us, it means a lot to see all the engagement with this community and with the #steemit ecosystem!


@belenguerra & @fendit




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Congratulations my Friends as being selected into the Top Picks of the week. Keep doing your best.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for your comment!

You are Welcome

Excelente selección de historia y muchas felicidades a los seleccionados... Muy merecido este reconocimiento

 3 months ago 

Gracias amiga por leer y comentar!

 3 months ago 

Saludos @belenguerra bien quería preguntarte si la comunidad writing and reviews tiene grupo de discord? De anteano gracias ☺️

 3 months ago 

Hola!! No, aún no tiene grupo! En breve lo armaremos!

Thanks to @belenguerra @fendit and all friends who have supported me🙏🙏

 3 months ago 

Thanks to you my friend!!

Please check my post in this beautiful community. I'll appreciate that.
Parents A Blessing

 3 months ago 

Ok, but remember that this is not the way to call attention my friend...

Thank you..

Wow congrats to everyone whose pics where selected as top pics of the week, i wish mine will be selected one day.
It really takes hard work to get to be selected, keep giving us more good contents and filling us in .