Writing and Reviews: 💖 Top Picks of the week, Sunday May 2nd 💖

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Top posts of the week!!

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Hello dear steemians, as usual, from Writing & Reviews we continue highlighting the perseverance and commitment of the members of our community. Therefore, in addition to the daily posts selected for Community Support, we continue to select posts weekly to highlight them, both for their originality and commitment to the #steemit ecosystem.


Here are the selected ones of this week:

@angelgomez: The Father (2020) Movie Review

@marytierra:Poem: Life would be so easy.

@skyjoh: Gone

@ladymoon12: TIME TO LET GO

@joseantpp: [ESP/ENG] La desinformación por masificación/disinformation by massification

@joseph1956: La casa del abuelo (Relato)

@aniyeru22: Miércoles, 28/04/2021. DIA DE LA POESíA

@seoulblader: SOMEONE COOL


That's it for this week!

We really hope that you enjoy this special post about our top picks!

Thank you all for sharing with us, it means a lot to see all the engagement with this community and with the #steemit ecosystem!


@belenguerra & @fendit



Congratulation to every one.
Mrs @belenguerra I have been posting the post for a week .In previous week I posted ten posts but I could not get reward on my any post.I also comments on others post.
Please tell me that if this community is not for me.
I hope you will reply my comment.

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello. Actually you've been active in W&R the last week and I voted 2 of your posts with my account, and commented one. Sorry but we are not bots and we try to read all the posts, but there are also other writers my friend, you are not the only one.

Hi @belenguerra I want to include my post in your next best picks.Please tell me Let's follow the topics you have given for daily basis or write something else ,like movie review..Regards

 2 months ago 

Hi. This is something we select keeping in mind that the content is original; that is not a contest post (there may be exceptions if the post is very good and has not gotten votes); high-quality content without votes; constant participation in the community; respect the rules such as no plagiarism and cite the source of the information and images.

Fulfilling all this does NOT guarantee to be in this weekly post, since it also depends on the publications of other subscribers.

Greetings and have a nice day.

Thanks for your advice..have a good day

Thank you for giving reply.I will try my best to do work hard.
So I can get reward from this community by working hard.
Thank you again for giving reply.

Congratulations to everyone❤❤

 2 months ago 

Thank you!!

The quality of selected posts justify their presence in this pick ups post....you must had spent time selecting them wisely ✨✨..keep shining lady 👍💫

 2 months ago 

Thank you my friend!

Bhai is community ma kis topic pr post lagani chaya ya k wo khud dety han is community ki admin

Bas koi bhi acha topic ho or kafi acha likha hua ho.... Me apko suggest kron ga k ap Pakistani communities me kaam kro like steemit Pakistan, steem future, and steem passion wha apky liay easy rhy ga or han agar foreign me e kam krna chahty to try steemit nursery..😇

Bhai mery lye b koi suggestion ha apky pass?

thank you all and
do not forget also thanks to
@belenguerra @fendit who always support me🙏😊

 2 months ago 

Thanks to you!!

Congratulations to the writers.. I hope I make it to your list one day @belenguerra

felicidades a todos

 2 months ago 


Movie// Heart attack 2//by @aamerasghar1

7Please i have a poet piece for the admin.... I won laurels with this piece in a big contest u can resteem and upvote... Sincerely @daprado1999 here is the link to the piece.... THE BREAK OF A NEW DAWN My introductory post is on the piece too.... Thanks😁

 2 months ago 

Hello my friend, it's not a good habit on Steemit to ask for votes directly

Noted am a newbie though