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I've been happily applying and confirming my enrollment for an online Masters of Education... and by happily, I mean I'm getting really annoyed with the walls of text that make simple things much more confusing and complicated sounding than they need to be. Anyway, I also spent about an hour and half on hold to a phone call to the other side of the world (from Netherlands to Australia)... at which point I hung up. And this is from a University that is a leader in online tuition...

So, this morning I did manage to complete my enrollment (I hope....), enrolling for the correct courses (I hope...) and trying to navigate their labyrinth of different web pages for different parts of the online student life... I have to say, that I love teaching one on one but I think this might be a necessary but frustrating step to get teacher accreditation. Much of what I've experienced already seems like it is less about the ability to teach and the deep knowledge of a subject... and more like... something else.

... but I've promised my wife not to crank out (too much...) over it!

I hope to get a definitive answer about practical teacher placement... which was why I was on the phone on hold for about 90 minutes in the middle of the night last night. It means that I'm pretty exhausted and my brain feels like it is a flickering TV at the moment... which is hilarious as I did a sample literacy/numeracy quiz to try out the Moodle system that the university uses... and I screwed up two simple math questions (I got the rest...) that I should have been able to do in my sleep (except I needed to sleep...). So, I've decided it's probably a good idea to stop...

Anyway, the real topic of this post was to talk about the Coronavirus test that I had done today. My wife has been sick for a couple of days with a headache, run-down and sore throat. I also had a slight sore throat as well... normally, I (my wife would...) would write off my symptoms as a severe case of Man-Flu. However, in these times, we go and get tested for Coronavirus...

So, this is the first time that I had done the test. You hear of people saying that it is painful when they shove the swab up your nose... and other people saying it is completely fine and nothing at all!


We were able to book an appointment at the local testing centre immediately online (easy.. the university should learn something from this...). There were spots for just after lunch and so my wife and I booked consecutive spots. You can drive into the testing centre, but we just biked it. It's a nice day and when in Netherlands...

My wife went first... my kids and I were joking that she would feel it the most as she has quite small nostrils. She was telling us to shut up about it, as she was already feeling apprehensive about it... so, we did. So, she went in first... and was finished in less than five minutes.... and it was no pain and nothing at all! Although, she did feel that the throat swab was a bit uncomfortable.

So, my turn... I was surprised how much capacity they had built into the centre! Lots of lanes for cars... and a good amount of space for foot traffic. Today (or at least at this time), there were very few people, but a steady trickle. Friday lunchtime in a school holiday period on a sunny day in Netherlands. To be expected!

The test was amazingly quick... but damn that nostril swab stung like crazy! It felt like someone was tickling my brain, and there was a sharp pain... definitely my least favourite experience for the last few days! I would take the terrible website and enrollment process over this any day...

... the throat swab was nothing though. However, when I told my wife and kids... they were laughing their heads off. My wife couldn't believe that it had hurt!

So, a day or two of waiting for the results... hopefully negative, it would be a real pain to be stuck inside for these sunny holiday days! At least we have a back garden though...

... meanwhile, I feel like I'm going to keel over from lack of sleep. I think I will sleep like a baby tonight... the enrollment is done, text books are on the way, and emails have been sent. Let us see if I can complete a basic literacy and numeracy test perfectly tomorrow. It's really embarrassing to have screwed up basic math... seeing as I'm enrolled to be a Math/Physics teacher!

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