Money & Financial Affirmations for Thursday January 21st, 2021

Welcome to Money and Financial Affirmations for January 21st.

Reading these will prime your subconscious and get you in the state of money consciousness.


  • I exist in a state of abundance. Money, wealth, peace, and joy forever flows to me without any required effort.

  • Throughout my life I have worked and I’ve generated lots of money. I will move forth throughout the rest of my life working more efficiently while earning even more money than I have ever earned before.

  • I have acquired skills and resources to allow myself to make more money every month and year that goes by.

  • Every single time I receive money I invest no less than 10% of it into my wealth pot.

  • I minimize my expenditures and limit gratification of desires in order to save and invest more money every single day.

  • My pot of wealth continues to grow every day, every week, every month, and every year.

  • I will always have more desires and I will be unable to gratify. I understand this and am OK with this. Because of this truth of life, I focus on the desires that are most necessary to be fulfilled, and place all of my constructive creative energy into bringing those forth into my life.

  • Luck is something that only comes after taking action on an opportunity. Luck is not required to build my wealth.

  • When I discover an opportunity I act quickly and take action. I know that if I stall and don’t take action, the opportunity will invade me and I will miss out on all potential gains of profit.

  • I honor my natural skills and talents and put those forth to the marketplace to earn income in ways that are pleasing to me and my work.

  • I do not need to work hard to acquire money or wealth, for I know that wealth is acquired by saving and investing a portion of every dollar I earn. Therefore, I can work in whichever manner that I wish, using any of my skills in order to build my wealth.

  • The more money I keep for myself and the more money I invest results in more money being generated from that very money. Hence, every dollar that I saved today grows more cents and dollars throughout the rest of my life.

  • My ability to grow wealth has nothing to do on external people, circumstances, or situations. I am in full control of my destiny and my ability to generate, retain, and grow my wealth.

  • I do not spend foolishly or recklessly. I only spend money where I see it fit to be invested. Material items are on necessary for health wealth and happiness, but I do not procrastinate when investing my money into my health, as my health is the most important aspect of my life.

  • At any moment more money can come into my life. I am not limited to a single stream of income, neither am I limited to a fixed number of income streams. I am able to receive money and wealth in ways I cannot logically perceive as of yet. Because of this, I’m open to receiving money in any way in which God and infinite intelligence deems fit.

  • The wealth that I have built, and am building, generates more power and more wealth. I promise to use my wealth and power to create positive circumstances and situations for the entirety of humanity.

Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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