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What's your experience about last New Yam Festival. The new yam festival is an annual cultural festival by the igbo people held at the end of the rainy season, in early August. It is also recognized in must part of Africa. It is celebrated for the harvest of a new yam. It is a local festival with series of performance which includes music, dancing, eating, and drinking. The part I love most is the fireworks, bunch of lovely colored flames, sparkles and whistles with a great band, emitting a harmonised combination of colors. It was a great experience.

During the last year's festival, a lot of prominent men were present, foods and drinks were plenty. Like we always say,
“rice and stew very plenty”, I know thats not the original meaning. It just something we call it. There was this man who was known for his fireworks, he makes himself and his fireworks unique and exceptional. It was the best year in town, he was present on that day, everyone was already seated, enjoying and waiting restlessly for the fireworks.

Finally, it was time for him to come and perform. We were all expecting something big, then he drops this tiny rocket shooting directly to the sky and producing small colours, we were disappointed. We had expected more, just few seconds after, he dropped another tiny rocket fireworks that did the same thing. But this one sparked with the particles of the first one creating a loud noise, sparkles of flowers was seen in the sky, as it forms the words “HAPPY NEW YAM FESTIVAL EVERYONE”, decorated with flowers. Then this nice smell dropped from the sky, it was a really nice experience.