Free Tea

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I work in a company called tea, because we do have time for drinking free tea. My name is Timmy, I work in company that partners with some coffee companies. Once you buy a product in our company, you will be given a free pack of tea as a customer. Our was known in the town because of the free tea it offers to the customers. This made our company popular.

If you need a free tea, just ask for tea company and you will be directed to our company. Our company is not called free tea, people mistake that, is just what it is known for.
We go on a break in our company, that's when we the workers have free tea.

In our company, we are allowed to drink free tea as the workers. If you want to eat any other thing you will have to pay for it from your salary.

One day, sometime happened during our free tea time, I went to the toilet to pee when some workers were making love. This normally happens in our company alot, and it was during this break. This made the workers to be acting anyhow in the company. The workers were sacked and a new rule was given against such act, punishment was also impose on anyone that violates it. Our company was in a good condition once again and everything.