How We Survive

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We are lucky to be informed ahead of what happens to us.

If not for the warning,
We all know horror,
Things will fall apart in our life
Nothing will remain permanent,
Everything is gone,
Including the ones we love.

Life is flexible,
We are moving round in the edge of a cliff.
We can't see what is beneath us.

We shall lose what we love most one day,
Everything will go into the dark.

We can't hold things so tight,
Today we lose everything.
The things we lose leaves a deep cut in our heart.
We try to avoid all this in the day,
But it all falls at night.

Some people don't accept there loss,
Knowing nothing about life,
Jump into the dark pit.

Some people survive the pain,
The horror of life,
They remember all there lost,
All there laughter.

The encouragement we gave ourselves,
To keep our dreams alive.
This is how we survive this life,
This is how we plan our lives to be.