I Will Always Be With You

in Writing & Reviews2 months ago

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I am so lonely here
Missing you everyday so much
I miss your touch
Our heart were together
You were always helping me all the time
I miss the times we spent together

I watch you when you sleep
Am always beside you
I pray to angels to watch over you
To protect you from harm
Before you wake up I will always be here
I will never leave your side

I will always share my world with you
You will always be my love
My love for you will never die,
Until we are back together again

Am so close to you when you need me
I will always answer you when you call
My love I know you miss me
I just want to be there with you
I still care about you

I will always be here waiting for you my love
I will give you anything you want
Holding you in my arms and cuddling you
I will kiss away your pain
I want you my love