MY BLACK WHEELS || Poet by @cryptoki

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I have travelled to different lonely roads
In my black moving wheel
Traveling from one location to another
I don't bother about the time
Moving ahead the freedom of road drive

Driving down the road
In a hurry to get home
Is been a long time am gone
All in the highway with no end
Going back to my family and friends
I miss there company

The road are all the same
My black range wheel car
Driving me back home
My engine is heating up
Can't wait to see my family
My lovely wife waiting for me
Playing some music in my black wheels

Driving my black wheels down the road
Is been hard for me to forget home
What a lonely travel
Seeing the beauty of every town I pass
Am getting closer to home
I can't be far apart anymore

Driving my black wheels down the road
Pretty life busy road
The roads leads to no end
My days of traveling ends
This will be the last
Here I come
Home sweet home



Thanks @belenguerra and @writingnreviews