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Falling down again and again
I won't fall again, this is the last
No more security
I keep remembering my my past
Falling into insecurity again

So sweet but bitter memories
Keep hurting deep inside
Dragging me down to the bottom
Thinking I will remain there forever

It wants to take my life away
I'm losing my strength every time
I keep hearing things in my head
Like a haunting bell

Even still, I keep getting my memories back
Struggling to breathe some air
As the soul reaper waits to take my soul
As I keep going close to my grave

The bell keeps ringing
Louder to my hearing
And death keeps calling me
Like a duty call up for a mission

I feel more pain inside me
All my memories starts fading away
The soul reaper laugh at me
So happy to take my soul

I don't want to die now
But my soul is been summoned
Here I fall again
This isn't real, am back to reality
It was just a nightmare
I keep having this nightmares
My life has fallen