Poet|| Sorry My Love

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I feel bad for causing you pain
You were so precious to me
You were my only lover
I didn't mean to hurt you

I can't survive without you
I keep thinking about you
It wasn't my mind to hurt
I have never hurt you before

I came into this world because of you
You are my heartbeat
I lose my mind
When you left me

Please give me a second chance
And forgive me
Accept me back in your life
You are my world
Without you, am nothing

You know I love you so much
I will do anything just to get you back
I can go on my knees if you want
I am incomplete without you

Anything you want I will give you
Because I love you with all my heart
The love I have for you burns in my heart

Your love ease my pain
I could travel miles for your love
Please find a place in your heart and forgive me
I miss you more than you could think of
Am dying to see you again

Can't live this life without you
Come back to me my love
Since you left me
No reason to continue this life
I am so sorry for all the things I hav done to you

My heart is broken
Come back and heal my wounded
I will do anything you desire
I will never hurt you again
Take me back my love
I beg you please