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Michael was a gentleman at his early 30s, Michael was raised by his dad after his mother died few years ago. Michael was 12 when he lost his mother died, Michael's father took the responsibility of raising him after then. Michael was very smart and gentle. Michael was living with his dad and a friend of his in a small town, he was still thinking about his death mother and her jewelries.

One day, Michael's friend that was staying with him was stealing all Michael's dead mother jewelries, he hide them in a box. Michael came back home and was looking for the jewelries, he searched all round the mother's room but couldn't find it. Michael called his friend and asked he about the jewelries, but his friend said he know nothing about the missing jewelries.

Michael decided to discuss this issue with his father, his father said he knows nothing about the missing jewelries. Michael's father suggested that Michael's friend most have stolen it. Michael was sad hearing this, because he trusted his friend.

Michael's friend lost his job and has nothing to do, he decided to stay with Michael for some time, but he was jealous of Michael.

Michael felt sad about his dead mom jewelries, because that was the only thing he uses to remember his mother. Michael has to move on, but he started hiding things from his friend. Michael doesn't trust his friend anymore.