The Good Samaritan

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Jeff was living alone at the age of 17,his parents died in a motor accident. Jeff was all alone, he have to do some little jobs to survive and take care of himself. Jeff was in the university, he was in his final year to graduate from the university as an engineer.

All this responsiblities were on Jeff, he pays his school fees and also feed himself.
His final exams is coming up soon and he have to pay some fees for it before he could the exams.

Jeff was worried about this, he don't have enough money to pay for the exam fee. This keep disturbing Jeff's mind and he was feeling sad about this.

“How am I gonna to get this money, I want to graduate and become something in the future.” Jeff said to himself.

One morning, Jeff was going for a morning walk in the next street. Suddenly he saw a black wallet along the road. “This is someone's wallet , and it has fallen mistakenly.”

Jeff was a good boy, he took a card from the wallet and called the number written on it. It was a man's voice that picked up the call.

“Hello, please I picked up a wallet on the ground maybe it belongs to you.” Jeff said.

“Thanks dear it fell from me mistakenly, I will send you my address so you could help me bring it to my house.” Said the man.

The man sent Jeff his address. Jeff went to the man's house and delivered the wallet without touching any money inside. The man was very happy and reward Jeff with huge amount of money.

Finally, Jeff have enough money to pay for his final exams. Jeff was very happy and he continued doing good and help others.