Each of us is blessed with a natural gift. This is why every child enters this world with a closed fist. It is a signal that it is protecting something precious. This "something" is what you can do very well without trying extra hard unlike most people. In other words, this is your talent. Everyone has one. It is up to each of us to explore different stuffs in order to find it.

Now that you've discovered you talent, what do you then do with it? Talent is not engrained in spades within anyone. Just like any skill, it needs grooming as well. Effort must be made to keep talent as sharp as a double edge sword which can cut from either side. As such we must be enthusiastic about putting measures in place to ensure that our unique skillset keeps developing.

On the other hand, what if you haven't discovered yours yet? What do you do?

The fact that you haven't found something you're good at does not mean you can't be good at anything. It just means that they've got a headstart. You can become anything you want to be. It's just a question of how bad you truly want it.



If you want to become a doctor, you have to get distinct grades throughout your basic/high school in order to get the opportunity to attend medical school. Same applies to any other thing. You can't expect to win the Olympics by just fantasising about it. You have to put in the work.

The thing about hardwork is that, it has no prefered destination. It just lean towards anyone who wants it badly. It's like a committed relationship; it only works if you give it your all. It demands lots of practise in hundreds of hours of your time. But once you pierce its shield and it forms part of you, you can utilise your skill without breaking a sweat.



hardwork beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
~Tim Notke

Here is why the above saying Tim Notke is quite famous. Say you aspire to be a creative writer with just little writing skills at hand. You constantly read various posts published by creative writers here on steemit and provide positive feedbacks for them in the comment section. You use google translate for posts in foreign languages as well as resort to a dictionary whenever you face challenges with the meaning of a word.

As opposed to a very talented creative writer who is thinks he's better than most people and therefore needs not to learn from their works. He doesn't read neither does he engage people here. With time, which of these two do you think would be better?

Hardwork is a skill that is up for grasp and it could be your time to bond with it. Thank you for your attention.


Thanks so much for your hard work.

The pleasure is mine :)

Escribiré en español ya que traduces.

Me encantó como recreaste el momento en el cual nacemos, me dió mucho que pensar. Coincido ampliamente con lo que compartes, el talento es un bien preciado pero no mucho más... Siempre que el talento sea pulido y mejorado constantemente se convierte en parte de nosotros de una manera tan excepcional que brillamos con una magia impresionante debido a la manera en la cual nos desenvolvemos en cualquier ambiente.


I loved this!
Of course, if you're born with a talent or gift, you're somehow with some advantage that some others may not have. But I have no shadow of a doubt that hardwork beats talent, that's for sure. You may be great because you were born with it, but there's no way you'll be better than someone that has tried and failed for several times if you don't work your a** off.
Thank you for bringing this topic up, I'll resteem it so that it gets to more people! :)

They say the difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice. That's why we need to keep trying no matter what.

I'm glad you liked it @fendit.

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