Host: the new format for horror movies (Review)



Greetings to all the @writingnreviews community today I bring to you the review of a movie I saw during the last year while the covid situation was a bit more tense.

Host (2020)

Director: Rob Savage

This is a horror film, but one theme it embroiders very effectively is the social alienation that everyone must suffer because of the current pandemic.

The story centers on a group of friends having a seance via Zoom during quarantine, when things start to get out of control, our characters don't know what to do, both inside and outside their home they are in imminent danger.

I admire Rob Savage's direction because each actor had to be given directions via his computer. Host is very effective because it is scary but also plays a lot with suspense, to the point that even silence is going to be scary for the audience.

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I love how through small dialogue or details they subtly talk about the current pandemic. Constantly in this film they use the term masks to refer to the strange being they just summoned, likewise when one of the main characters finally decides to leave her house to rescue her friend. When she arrives and finally finds her, they don't even shake hands, but greet each other with their elbows.

The Host belongs to the subgenre known as Found Footage, which refers to films in which all or a substantial part of the plot is presented as if it were home video footage. Unlike other films within this subgenre such as Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project that play a lot with suspense and are also highly effective films, The Host does not hide its violent content, if you dare to watch this film, which by the way has a duration of 56 minutes, you will see extremely raw but very effective scenes.

One of the most entertaining movies of 2020.

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