we should must take care of our health || good health leads to healthy life

Hi There,
Today's topic is just about our health, For living a Positive and happy life we should care about our health,
In these days everyone is busy with their work, They just comes to They go to their work and come back home and eat and drink and sleep! This is all that they do in a whole years,


We get fever, Bp high-low issues, stomach issue, Etc, that's all due to our carelessness, some time we do breakfast,some time we don't, some time we we do not eat any thing in a whole day, that's all our faults, Then we go to doctor, he/she gave us medicine and that's it. but it comes again after few days,


  • We just need to woke up early and do breakfast on time, and then do lunch on time, we eat diner on time that's it, also sleep on time, this is very important for good health, if you sleep after 10pm, then you get up, you feel fresh, as you were sleeping for a long time,


  • We need to manage our time, in the day we manage 30-50 minutes for exercise, that is just a walk, if you do it regularly you will stay away from diseases, One more most imported thing is, Drinking water, we should drink 15-20 water glass in a day, It fits our stomach,


  • Overweight is of the big problem, And it brings many others diseases, We need to maintain our body weight,
    It can be possible with daily walk for half an hour, and we have to take care of our diet as well,


  • Our learning and thinking skill get more sharp, if we care about our health, no matter what is our age, we still remains healthy, If you go to the morning walk in your nearest park, you see many old mans in the park, they are running, some of them doing Different exercises, which keeps them healthy


If you are not healthy, please take care of your health, coz life do not give us second chance, so have to care about that, we have to manage our timing so we can take care our health easily, Hope you learn something from this post,
Thank u very much for reading my post,

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