Rainbow- Chapter 2/5

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It's been a long time since I have been awake at this time of day. The night here is very beautiful when you look at those stars.
You can't help but just keep looking. I wish I really don't have to go to sleep at night. I would love to be wide awake at night and sleep all day.
I guess nature has made some really silly mistakes making everything opposite.
Then again if I were a kind who sleeps at night, I might not have ever seen that beautiful RAINBOW.
Also, I think I am getting better at this walking thing. I can now walk faster.
(The next day)
It has been 3 months since I started walking toward the rainbow land. It's autumn.
I lost so much during this period. My head now looks like my roots.
I think I am gonna do an experiment. I am gonna walk upside down, never tried this before though.
(Todd flips himself over to his head, so he that he is upside down now)
Oh wow, it feels really weird walking like this. I think I might be losing my balance soon.
But hey, that's how I learned walking.
(Todd wiggles a lot and struggles a lot during this time)
(Todd breaks himself into half)
(After a while, when the pain's gone)
I literally lost my other half. Oh.. wait a min… I think I am feeling way lighter now… oh whoa!!!
I think I can jump now… Oh Wow… T-the experiment was failed successfully.
For now, I think I will bury this.
(Todd buries his upper half in the barren land)
I am gonna miss you, my friend. Good Bye!!!
(With this todd continues his journey)

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