Good planning brings success to life

I used to make it fun for the audience, it actually annoyed me a lot. Because he’s literally the highest paid author on Steemit and he’s been since 2016 - still, it wasn’t enough. I’ve got it though, as I want to earn here too and for several years I’ve worked very hard to be one of the highest paid, but I still don’t have limitations and I don’t even cross the lines. Because of this code, I finish a lot of work.

Now, just the story didn’t leak. But the owner of the two accounts came home and admitted, which probably seems noble and courageous. However, it was not long before they denied some allegations. Unknowingly the connection between the accounts was made a few weeks ago if what started as a suspicion, it turned into a discussion and then the evidence appeared confirmed.



They did not take ownership of their behavior when giving the "confession" and instead tried to say "good, so and so". Such a child blames his friends for his actions. This is quite sad. However, we live in a world where people do not take responsibility for their actions and I guess that is only expected when people can hide their faces and identities. I assume that those who are familiar will have to work with their greater accountability. Because their account is tied to them as individuals - they are not a zone do.

I don't know why, but it always saddens me when old accounts like this get scammed in some way. This may be due to the “they should know better” aspect. But I have an idea that these should still be role models. Unrealistic things to think about. Since many of them live in it only to maximize their own wealth, while it is expensive for others, like fat cat bankers, they say they are trying to get rid of it. Acting like them, not beating them.

Yet, and as I have said many times before, I am quite an idealist when the world can be. But I'm not perfect in the way it works. My idealist side is saying. If we want something better, we should have a high quality to over, often looking for ways to perfect it instead of changing the system that enslaves many of us.

Although it's sad to me, I'm the kind of person who wants to know more than I know. Because then I can work on that information. Avoiding any problem does not solve the problem and often cannot. This enables it to escalate the problem, not withdraw. When it comes to making money without checks and balances. Then it seems that a lot of participants are dissatisfied, that "never" will be enough. Pair it with impatience and rights and make it a recipe for the decay of a society in favor of maximizing any spending behavior. Some people call it playing the game. Seeing as not cheating, but where is the line of a decentralized community without any set rules?

Well, it comes down to the community, because there is no government to make rules of conduct. Blockchain rules are past. For example, Blockchain says downvotes are possible. But if they use them individually, each person decides where and why they will use them. However, this argument is going to be influenced by the culture that a person discovers or creates for himself. I’ve flagged a lot here in my time and I take no pleasure in flagging another. But I see it as necessary from time to time. I want to add value to people rather than take it. But I don’t want the kind of behavior that is seen from this account to become commonplace, because I don’t want to be in this kind of culture.

We have only so many places in the world and we can each do so much in one lifetime and only so much for me. I hope that every day I can have a better life, which I see as the owner of my life. It is not possible for me to do the best for myself. But my activities also take responsibility for good and evil. If I accept the good and ignore the bad, I will not be able to change my behavior for the better. And not everyone I want to be better?



It may not be part of the "love yourself regardless of yourself" attitude, so that they love themselves unconditionally. So in fact no one has to take any responsibility. This allows for the justification of any behavior. No matter how harmful, a narrative can always be woven to explain bad behavior. And there is no action if there is no accountability by not revealing the name of the activity, there is no corrector of anger in anger.

I have a reformer in my family in my life. Everything I do is somehow connected to them because they are an integral part of my life. And because I am selfish, I want to give both of them the opportunity and the resources to accept it. They see me too often to imitate me in order to become a better person, so I have to be one every day or at least try to be the best version of myself. I often fail, but I admit it and try to get better from next time and I hope my daughter loves herself enough to accept them instead of ignoring her negative aspects and be brave enough to improve herself. Opportunities for improvement never go away. However, it may be unused.

This post is a bit of a rush and I understand that it’s not everyone’s taste. But it is life. There are ups and downs, successes and failures, but I think a good life is one where we put ourselves at a higher level than expected from others no matter what others do. Even when it is difficult. Even when it costs us. Even other people get more benefits when they work less.

I don’t want to live a life where I lower my standards because others lower them. I want to live a life where I can constantly improve my work and improve my quality. I don’t want to say, I’m better than you, I want to say. I'm better than yesterday.

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