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Hello Everyone,

As a child we all have learnt and taught many stories by our parents, teachers and relatives. But there are stories that will stick to our mind for a long time and give us the moral values which are important for our lives. The story that I'm going to share with you today is a such story in my life.

How it happened

I have a small incident which took place to remember this story. One day a little bird fell from a mongo tree in our garden. I called my grandmother and showed her the bird. We brought the bird inside and lovingly cared for it. After a while, it got well. So the little bird left our house. Everyday I waited for the little bird to visit me hoping that it remembers me. But little bird never came to our home. I felt left out and sad because I cared so much as a kid for that poor bird. Then it was my grandmother who told me this story about two parrots to give me a lesson for my life.



A long time ago, there was a parrot family. Parrot mother, father, and two little parrots have lived happily on top of a tree in a village. Both parrot mother and father has a usual job to do, they have to look for food for their little babies. Every morning they flew through out the village to find foods. One morning they have to leave the nest even though it was a rainy & a windy day. While they were out rain turned into a storm and parrot parents couldn't get back to the nest. The two little ones were left alone in the nest. The storm broke the nest and the two little birds carried away to the different parts of the village. One parrot fell to the side where hermitage was and the other bird fell to the side where den of thieves lived. The one who fell among the hermits learned the good habits and become generous while the other bird learned the way of thieves.


Somehow, when Grandma finishing the story, I was listening it eagerly without the concerns of my bird. She was telling me that the bird fell in our garden would have learned good habits because I'm a good caring person. I was quite happy to hear that and she told me that no matter what happen we have to spread the kindness and then who ever associates with us will also learn some values from us.

Moral of the Story

This story convey the message how the mind can be cultivated according to the association of our lives. Developing moral conduct and good behaviour is easy when you are among the good associates. But if you are among the ill associate you will be rather adsorb the ways of their conducts.

Latter I found out that the story has quite different interpretations according to different cultures. My grandma was referring to a Buddhist Jattaka story in the Book of the Pansiyapanas Jathaka Potha. The name of the Jathaka story is Saththikumba Jathakaya.

I hope you enjoyed my story and learned something out from it.

Thank you for reading. Also Thank you @belenguerra, @writingnreviews & @fendit for organizing this contest.

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I didn't know this story my friend, and it's beautiful, as much as its teaching!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

I believe the story is more popular in south east Asia region.

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