Appreciation post: How steemit has impacted my life

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Steemit has greatly revolutionized my life. I joined this platform back then "early January, 2018". Prior to joining steemit I was searching for an online job where I can put my various skills to effective use. I had accomplished my university studies at Uganda Christian University in 2016 and I was really longing for an online job since I had a passion for internet related staff. I enjoyed social media and used to be a great fun of facebook.


I knew nothing about Crypto and blockchain technology and i had never heard of Bitcoin. Joining steemit exposed me to a wide range of Crypto related information starting from steem, SBD, then Bitcoin and so on. I could do a lot of reading of articles I found on the steemit trending page in order to learn how the users on this platform created their content.

I was not a good writer and I had never dreamt of myself being one. Though I did a lot of writing in school I did not have the passion for writing. I just wrote exams and class notes just for the sake of passing exams and proceeding to other academic levels.

Steemit has impacted me with the writing skills through learning from the different authors on this platform. I am not yet a perfect writer but at least I can try to write and express myself in a unique and detailed way, which is something I could not do in the past. I have kept on improving my writing skills every other day courtesy of the continuous blogging on the steemit platform.

I am now living a financially independent life courtesy of the rewards I receive for creating good content on steemit. Before joining steemit, I struggled allot financially, my first job I had after the university ** "working as a commission agent),** it paid me penny income ($100 gross salary per month). It was a humble beginning, I patiently did that job for a year. I reached a moment and got fed up because the money I earned could not sustain my life any more. So I decided to hunt for another job and this time around an online job.

Through steemit, I have met and connected with great friends such as @ukk and @achimmertens. I worked with these generous guys on a number of charity projects. I was able to help and support so many needy people in Uganda courtesy of the donations that I kept receiving from such great and generous steemians on this platform.

The Steemit platform has helped me to exercise my marketing skills whereby together with a group of Ugandans on steemit, I did plenty of promotion of this platform in the different Universities of Uganda which saw many Ugandans joining this platform. Though many became inactive till date.

I have somehow become an influential and valuable person on this platform through my dedication and hard work. Thanks to steemit because I can also share something on this platform that can impact lives of people.

Through steemit, I have been exposed to a wide range of content creation related opportunities for example; the @oracle-d company employed me as one of its professional content creator; I became one of the steem ambassadors for the great #promo-steem project. I am now one of the steemit crypto professors in the Steemit Crypto academy. All these roles have developed certain new skills in me.

In conclusion, there is a lot I can share about steemit in relation to how it has changed my life. For now I will end here. Just work hard on steemit. Be passionate at whatever you are doing.


I'm impressed, steemit really shown you the way and I hope it does same to me.

Yes, it will surely do the same to you. Just give it your best and the rewards will follow.

How are you yohan^^

😲I am okay @ukk. It's been a long time! Glad to see you comment on my article. I am doing well.

Happy new year. How is Korea?

Hello @ yohan2on, I am happy to read your experience and see how it means for many steemians and I include myself a role model, I have read your publications, since I met you through twitter I could see how tenacious you are, the affection that your reflect publications, I am happy to be one of your followers, may the successes continue for you and continue to help and promote the platform. Greetings from Margarita, Venezuela.
#onepercent #venezuela

Hi Margarita.

Thanks so much for such a thoughtful feedback and for your kind words. Its been nice to learn how impactful and valuable are my articles to the community on this platform.

I have indeed seen you active on Twitter. I am glad to learn that I also have some social media fans. 😊

I will keep doing my level best in creating valuable content as I continue engaging valuably with the steem community.

Greetings Professor, it's nice to hear from you. How nice to share platform because somehow we unite cultures. #Steemit is a great community and also in my life it has made good changes.
Best regards

Thanks so much for the appreciation. I am also glad to hear that steemit has impacted your life too. Let's keep the valuable engagement on this platform. The future for steem and it's community is just an exciting one.


Agradezco haber podido leer tu Historia y me impresiona tu Perseverancia para lograr tus Metas. Dios continúa bendiciéndote dándote las oportunidades que te has ganado con tanto esfuerzo y sudor. Deseo que sigas creciendo bajo la protección del Amor de Dios y los ángeles que se te presentan para ayudarte.

I appreciate having been able to read your Story and I am impressed by your Perseverance to achieve your Goals. God continue to bless you by giving you the opportunities that you have earned with so much effort and sweat. I wish you continue to grow under the protection of the Love of God and the angels that are presented to you to give you a helping hand. 🤗🙏

Amen! Thanks so much 😊 🤗 for your kind words and the motivation to keep working hard on this platform. God bless you too.

God bless My friend 🤗🙏

@yohan2on. We really appreciate the work you are doing to make Steemit a great place for all. Indeed, Steemit has touched the lives of many today and they, like you, now live a financially independent life. We will continue to work hard to make here better. Thank you for joining our curation trail. Steem to the moon!!!

Thanks so much for the appreciation and for the great work you are doing on the steemit platform. Will surely continue working together in making steemit a top social media platform and a better place for everyone.

It is your hardworking on steemit platform that boosted you up. Great job!

Indeed! Thanks so much for the appreciation. I will keep doing my level best for the steemit platform.

Soy nuevo en esta plataforma y me siento tan feliz como usted. Saludos

Gracias. Te deseo todo lo mejor en tu viaje steem.

Gracias esperemos que sí.

Greetings Professor, @yohan2on how good to read your story, I learned a lot from your classes in the #criptoacademy and today I appreciate reading your words that motivate me to continue in #steemit with the hope of achieving great things in my life.

I am glad to learn that my story has been a motivation to you. Just continue working hard on steemit. Do it consistently and the great rewards will always come your way. You will achieve whatever you ought to achieve on this platform.

I wish you a wonderful #steem journey.

Thank you very much Professor So I will

Nice testimony.

Thanks 👍

It is very valuable to see how you have grown professional and personally. God is with you at all times for being who you are. Thanks to this publication I was able to know more about you. Thank you for sharing a greeting from Isla de Margarita in Venezuela.