Announcement for All community members new moderator has been set up

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Greetings to all respected members of the community



So I have taken a very important decision regarding mod, As you, all know our community is improving day by day with help of each and every active member of this community and for this, i would like to talk to all of you. I want this community to make more progress but in a more appropriate way.

So, As our community is making progress so the workload is also increasing day by day, and to manage it we need a moderator to take care of our community and which will help in improving the content of the community by making certain laws and regulations, As you All know our first moderator was @shimu840. She was a very hardworking moderator but as we all know she resigned from her post due to her own engagements so it was very important for me to tell all this to the community members.

So, first of all, I would like to thank her for her great work and community made great progress with her, So as she is no longer a moderator of this community so I have picked one of hardworking and dedicated person and selected him as mod of this community. Our new mod is @shahab1998


Attached link has his steemit id, you guys can congratulate him for his new post.

We have discussed certain plans and in the future, we will not only work on the improvement of content but also we will increase the number of contests so that you guys could get support in a better way.
I hope you all will help me and the new mode in making this community more progress, Thank you.

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congratulations to the @shahab1998 as our new moderator, happy work, hopefully our community will be more successful

Yes! i just need help and support of you guys and Thankyou for your wishes

We are heartly accept this decision.I hope it will be well for our community.

@ahmadcmk Bro its circle of life. Old one leave new will come.
@shimu840 i appricate her work and Commitment with community was to High.
She was most active member And MOD was in this of luck for her a s a new career.
We hope we will see her again.
we warmly Wellcome Mr @shahab1998 as MOD of our community. And hoping it will full fil all the Gaps which was not fill by others..
Best of luck bro..
We with you at every level.

Yes! we will work together and make this community more strong.

In sha Allah..
Thanks bro..

Congratulations to @shahab1998 who is now the moderator in this community, I hope that with Allah's permission, this community will be more advanced in the future.


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everyone has their own interests, and start looking at the people around us, and if you resign then of course there are obstacles in his work, and there are desires that are not fulfilled @shimu840 and hopefully in the future it can be successful.

Thank you. Pray for me.

Very well!!🙏

hi @shahab1998

you mod Congratulations on becoming And I hope you run this community well And bring our community up I congratulate you again

Thankyou for your greetings, and INSHALLAH we all will work together to make this community a successful one,

Thank you very much

good my bro good thinking you are the hope of pakistani users and the others

We wholeheartedly accept whatever decision you have made.

Hello brother, congratulations for joining our community. Your visit will be of great benefit to our community. And we will play with our brother John forever and ever. Brother John will take care of himself, Allah Hafiz!

hi @shahab1998

you mod Congratulations on becoming And I hope you run this community well And bring our community up

I wish you a very happy And thank you sir That he made Faith Man a coordinator like you in a clap You will prove beneficial to our community. I thank you for ahmad sab

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Good and informative post. You did your decision timely well.

 3 months ago 

I made this decision on time because we needed a good mod for our community

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Yes, timely decisions are always beneficial.

  • A good leader leades and takes decisions precisely and timely.
    +thank you so much

Ma Sha Allah @ahmadcmk and congratz to @shahab1998 IA he will surely serve to our criteria

Thankyou brother.

Welcome bro

congratulation shahab1998 for new moderator may you live long and get success in life and help the others