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Hello friends, our contest has completed one week. Many members of our community took part in this contest and some people even included their friends in this contest. This was the first contest in our community so some users Could not understand but still a lot of people put their diary game in this contest it took me some time to make the result because a lot of people participated in this contest it was very important to know their posts

Many people worked hard to make their diary game and I congratulate those who succeeded in this contest and those members who were not selected for the name continue their efforts one day will surely succeed
The purpose of this contest is for all of you to write the best content. In this, users try to make the best post by looking at each other's posts and one user thinks that my post is the best post.

That is why we decided. What's more, we will continue this contest

Steem Prize Distribution Table.

User RankUsernamePrizePost Link
1@riska-amanda5Visit Post
2@iramsaheen3Visit Post
3@rifki12Visit Post
4@ansari000461Visit Post

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I want to tell all the users in my community that this contest will continue like this and you can post your diary game in week2 and this week2 also has the same rules that we had in the first week.week one post or rules

Next Plan.

Following the success of this contest, the Mod @shahab1998 and Admin @ahmadcmk of this community has decided that we are going to introduce another contest. The turn of this community will be to post it very soon and will inform you about this contest. I will run two contests in a week which will not disappoint the people working in this community and they will participate in it more and more and they will also improve the quality of their posts.

And I pray to Allah Almighty to save us from this disease like covid19. Amen


Nice work . good appreciation for the members of this community. Thanks.

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Thank you for your support for me, thanks also to Allah for this sustenance, greetings of success to all friends, especially to Admin @ahmadcmk who has entrusted my post as the winner of the contest in the first week, and this is the link for my participation in the contest for week 2

Congratulations from me to those who won last week's contest and don't be sad for those who didn't know and keep trying

nice work I want to tell you friends that they should work hard too and their name also comes in this list and I will improve myself right now

You have made a good decision which you have mentioned in the name of Weiner. We all members should continue our efforts. There are two benefits of this competition. One is that we can win the prize and the other is that our community will come up soon. Thank you for giving all the members, including me, another chance to participate in this competition

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Congratulations to the contest winners, with Allah's permission this community will be more advanced in the future, Amen. And thank you @ahmadcmk

Hi you are working day and night for the community I appreciate your work and you will definitely take part in the competition for what you have done for our members and try to improve the quality of your post Will

Admin, you have done a great job for this community. If you hold such competitions, the members will be happy and they will work hard.

This contest will be very good. I am also improving the quality of my posts and I have got the opportunity once again. Thank you very much for participating in this contest. Ahmed

Sir, when I saw my name, I was very happy that my post came in second. This is a good thing for me and my community. Inshallah, I will try to improve my posts in the future as well and participate in this competition. Will

Special Thanks


Thank you very much sir did you give us another chance now we will take part in this competition with full preparation

I congratulate the members who have succeeded and I wish them all the same.

Congratulations to the winners.

Assalam Walekum Sir I have put this my first Diary For competition And i'm sharing the link to it

congratulations to the winners, and those who have not won do not be sad, always success

good work dear in this way we can keep ourselfs busy

I see from your post that your post is very good and you tell us in great detail about everything in the world and they show that you are very hardworking and work very honestly.

am new into steemit. Your Community is great, & i like it. I want to work in your Community & i try todevelop your community.

Hello Sir, I am new to the platform and I want to work in your community. I am glad to see your post that you have a competition for your members. I will also take part in this competition.

Nice post good work sir i appreciate your post

Post outclass dear

Nice post

Asslam o alaikum Bhai jan your post is very good and very interesting

Brother good work