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Hello To All steem passion community Members Now I decided to start a contest in the Steem passion community.

I should have started this contest program a few days ago but now I have started it
In which we will have a lot of contests and it will benefit our community
I have seen this system run in many communities.
And they're running it successfully,
So looking at other communities it has now been decided that we have also introduced a contest system in our community.

Better Life Diary Game is the first contest.


The contest starts on Friday 30/04/2021.

This contest is for seven days Of the diary games that will be posted in our community in a week, we have selected 4 good posts.
It will also look at the quality of your photos and your diary of how you wrote.
You will be eligible if you provide full details of your diary from morning to evening and write a good contact.

We have a prize for the 4 best postst

1Winner05 Steem
2Winner03 Steem
3Winner02 Steem
4Winner01 Steem

Funds will be transferred to the wallet of whoever wins the price

There are some conditions attached to it

Newcomers' Community Achievement 1 Must be verified
If you are not verified in this community, you can post for verification by clicking on this link
Link here
If you are verified by this community then you will post the link to your introduction post
You will upload the link in your New Dairy game post
Your post must have these tags #betterlife #thediarygame #contest #steemexclusive #steemit #countrytag


Now that the system has started, we will increase the prize money in the future
We will contest on different topics in the future

I want to tell every member of my community to share this contest with their friends.
This is my first attempt and I hope you like it

Best Regards:-


Hello @ahmadcmk.
It's a good initiative to arrange a contest.
I think you are just spam mentioning the curators here. Don't mention them as they already see each and everything.
This is a suggestion and message from me.

Yours, haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰

 2 months ago 

Thanks for information

I have checked one man has running 4 to 5 account in that community.they are just making also know that how pakistani are masters in making fool.that is not fair as a country representative you have to take step againt them to stop these kind or users and spam communties.

Good initiative . I hope by following the conditions members can get a good support . And in addition some extra steem in rewards.

Thank you brother may allah prolong your life my life my purpose was to let people know about it

 2 months ago 

Hello @rashid001 STEEMIT PAKISTANMODFounder,CR,Admin,Mod, Supervisor
Thank you very much for visiting my community
This is a small effort for my own community

Happy to see such kind of contest where you share your daily life and thoughts with others

You are work is very good Bhai

Hi @ahmadcmk it's a great idea. Hope this is good news and nice opportunity for all members.

This is very extraordinary @ahmadcmk, I hope this community will be more advanced in the future.

Our admin has taken this very good step It's very good for us We will also follow this and enjoy It is also very good for the Community

This kind of thing should happen in the community. It will give all the committee members a chance to celebrate and it will be a matter of pride for us. It will also benefit our community. Our admins are very good man.

Good post and good work near you have been working hard and may God successful of you.

السلام وعلیکم

Sir Ahmed, you have done a very good job. This will give us members of the community a chance to celebrate and we will also have a competition. All the members will be well received. You have made a very good post.

MashaAllah, you have shared very good information .I will follow your sim simple memory nearby

hi @ahmadcmk

Ever since I read your post, my heart is pounding with joy. This is a great thing for us. All the members will be happy and will celebrate. It will also uplift our community. You have provided proof of being an admin.

Good intiative ,really needed such kind of contest to attract good content writer .Hopefully ,such kind of contest will continue in future also.

Hello how to varify for community

thanks for daily updates & information god bless u dear.
u r a good person & hard worker and honst man ...

Sir, you are getting this very good competition, so we will benefit a lot. This will also greatly benefit small User.All people should take part in this contest.The administrator of the comunty of you thinks very well about us, so he is getting such competition between us so that we get a lot of benefit.

I gladly take part in such competitions

good idea @ahmadcmk, I am very interested in this contest, I hope this community will be more advanced in the future.

Sir, I also request you to look at us as well.

Sir you are doing a great job it will make it very easy for them to work you have made this a great platform for us and it is very good thank you

@ahmadcmk Its nice effort by you. Giving opportunity to all @steempassion members to show hard work and get rewards..
Best of luck for this effort.
Here is my little effort bro..

Assalamu Alaikum it is a great deed of yours that you gave good news to the members so we wanted you to take such steps to uplift our community Sir Ahmed you did a good job we like your work