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Thanks to all the friends who are part of this contest. The purpose of this contest is to make the best post on this platform and write good content.

I liked the posts of many people working in our community but you all know that only four of them deserve a reward.

And I congratulate those who have won this competition

Steem Prize Distribution Table.

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Proof of Steem distribution Week 02


After the second week is over, it has been decided that we have to continue the third one in the same way

All of you community members are asked to tell your friends about this contest and make them a part of it.

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WEEK one rules and post

Some of the rules of Week 3 have been changed
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same Prize dairy game contest week 03

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Congratulation to all members who's win " The Diary Game of lick

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I am very happy because my post is appreciated as the 2nd winner in this week's competition, the greeting "for friends who have not been lucky keep the spirit, because with hard work we can definitely achieve it", greetings from me @riska-amanda to Admin our dear @ahmadcmk

my participation in this contest:

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You are doing a great job, Ahmed Bhai

I am really glad and honored to see my name i ducted by honorable admin @ahmadcmk sir🖤 really thankful to you☺

 last month 

You are doing a great job and you continue your work like this

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us such good information

Great job sir

Thanyou so much sir☺
In Sha Allah💎

You are doing good job
Ahmad bhai

I have a one question @ahmadcmk bro if you don't mind... As you know writing Articles and publishing content is difficult as compared to uploading diaries... But I haven't got enough courage and support in your community ! That made me force to ask from you .. ! I have been posting on daily basis but haven't got courage and support from your side that make me feel sad... If here your community don't like articles I'll quit this community 😊

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What you want from me?
I naver spourt your every post
Write post in contest

@ahmadcmk bro the purpose of my comment was that in this community no one appreciate original Articles even not supported by Admin and moderator of this community that's what I want to highlighted !

Sir your work is very nice i appreciate your post you are doing good job and good work

 last month 

Thank you I'm doing all this for the community

 last month 

Alhamdulillah, I managed to get to the 4th place, I am very grateful to you, in this contest I will try to be even better.

I saw your post. Your post is very good and you are working very hard and honestly and you use very good words in your post and you can tell us with very commentary about everything explains...


 last month 

I'm glad our Steam Prophecy community is doing a great job.
And I give all the credit to the community administrator Mr. @Ahmed CMK who is teaching a lot to the people in this community by conducting such competitions.

Sir your work is very good i am interested your post i appreciate your post good work sir