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Hello friends, today I am putting my first diary on Steam Prophecy and I hope all my new friends will be fine and I am also fine by the grace of Allah, so I will start first. I got up in the morning and fasted. At dawn, rice was cooked and I had milk and yoghurt with me
And then it was time for Fajr prayers. I went to the mosque and offered Fajr prayers. The mosque was full of worshipers. After the prayers, Qari Sahib spoke for a while. After that, I recited the Qur'an for a while and came home. I also keep cattle in my house. I came home and watered the cattle and put fodder in front of them and they started eating fodder.
I rested for a while and then it was time to milk my buffalo milk and I started to milk the buffalo milk. Next I will tell you in detail how the buffalo milk goes.
Now I will tell you in detail how buffalo milk is sucked. First the fodder is put in front of the buffalo. When the buffalo starts eating fodder, if the buffalo does not eat fodder, then the flour is sprinkled on top of the buffalo and then the buffalo. The fodder begins to eat
If you take a good look and the buffalo starts eating fodder, then the baby of the buffalo is left, it starts drinking buffalo milk and the buffalo brings its milk down, as you can see in this picture. can
When the buffalo takes the milk down properly, you should have water in the milk container. First you wash the teats of the buffalo. At that point, release the buffalo calf, which will drink the remaining milk
This is the method of milking. Now I put the milk jug in the house and I rested at home for a while. It is very difficult to work by fasting and it is also very difficult to work. The job is to feed them on time and water them on time. This is a very strict duty
Now the next thing I had to do was go to the fields to cut the fodder
It is very difficult to cut the fodder. It is even harder to cut the fodder in the sun. I will show you how to cut the fodder. The first thing to do is to grab your sickle and when you leave the house, I have to pack my fodder and bring it to my house
Then you have to grab the sickle with your right hand and hold the bait from above with your left hand and move the sickle from below. The bait will start to cut. Most people also cut their hand with the bait. You can see in this picture that you have to be careful
It was very sunny today and the heat had intensified. It was very hot when I was cutting the fodder. I had to do my job. I hurriedly cut the fodder, tied it up and put it on my head and left the house. My house is a short distance from the crops
When I got home I put the fodder and I lay down on the bed. It was very hot. I turned on the fan and I fell into a deep sleep. I have a very deep sleep in my account. After sleeping for a long time, I opened my eyes. With the help of the brakes, the animals began to eat the fodder
It was time for Zuhr prayers. I went to the mosque and offered prayers. I performed every prayer and the mosque is very calm. The mosque was very cold. They were very annoying
I scolded the children and told them to take out the books. The children took out the books quickly. Today's children do not like to read.
The children took out books and I started raising children

I have been teaching the children with great difficulty. The children do not even take the name of reading. They listen to it all day or play games on their mobile phones and watch TV. It was late afternoon, I performed Wudhu and went to the mosque
After Asr prayers with the congregation in the mosque, I came home after Asr prayers. I came home and started spending time. After Asr, it is difficult to spend time till Maghrib. I started watching TV. It was fun to watch
It is time for Iftar. The food has started

Today iftar had dates, gandiri and chopped meat was made, hot oven bread was also made and pea pilaf was also made. I have cooled milk. After that I drank the cooled milk and kept on drinking
After that I ate bread. After iftar, bread is rarely eaten because the heart drinks water. After breaking the fast, I offered Maghrib prayers and came back home. Friends, today is my first diary game if any. If there is a mistake, you will definitely tell me. All friends will take care of themselves. Goodbye

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Hello brother John, brother John, what are you doing now? Milking your balance is presenting a very beautiful scene. Your picture is beautiful.

Drinking buffalo milk is very good for health Seeing your face makes you think that you drink buffalo milk every day

Yes, you are right