Contest #2 Tge beauty of my City 10/05/2021

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Hello friends, I say you all will be fine. Today I will tell you what I did all day today and what I was busy with today. After the prayer, he recited the Qur'an and returned home as you know because we work in three nurseries, so I made some good sketches for you today if you like. So tell me how you like your sketch-up stuffAfter breakfast I lay down for a while to rest or when I woke up it was too late so I took my goats out to fetch them.I see a lot of stones from Gujarat so I celebrate it and put it in front of you only if you like it Noor Zaman

Made By me

Today I will tell you what the scene of my village is like. What I saw when I was leaving this morning. I saw that I took a lot of photos and why I took your camera. I took a picture of it and put it in front of all of you. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... I love you .....and how you like my photo life and is always my thoughts and I will go to

New Landcruser


amazing to know that you are all so excited about this new opportunity and for you your life family and your family is a great job and you deserve a great job and

In front of Landcruser


After this post I will show you how the tractors that we have are useful for us. Let's put it on standby and we will tell you about the doctors shown in Pakistan which tests are done in Pakistan

Pakistani tractor



Harvesting The Crop


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CameraVIVO S1
Locationbasirpur city
Photographerhajiahsan1 (me)


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Show pictures of Mukhtalif vehicles in this post I lost the best car Your post was good

Bro your post is very nice. Landcroser is soo beautiful. Good coolection.

You showed the beauty of your city I liked it very much The tractor looked gorgeous Tractor is the identity of our area

Your Post is very interesting about the beauty of your city.I liked all the photos of cars and tractors.

Tractor is the identity of our area And you promised the identity of our area And showed us that we can't cast without a tractor The tractor moves on the ground and plows the ground All the work of farmers with the help of tractor Reach Are complete