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Hello my dear friends, today I started the morning by fasting. Today I ate a meal at dawn and I ate rice with yoghurt and milk. Then it was time for Fajr prayers. I offered Fajr prayers.
After Fajr prayers, I came home, fell down and lay down on the bed and I fell asleep. I fell asleep very deep. Today I also had to go to the factory. I had to go to the factory for a while and then I had to return home. I had to go to the factory at ten o'clock to check the fabric that was being made in my factory and come back with my salary.
I opened my eyes at eight o'clock. I quickly got ready, took a shower, changed my clothes and went to the factory.
There was a lot of work pending in the factory today. Our factory was going to be closed today due to Eid holidays so the work that was started had to be closed. First I checked the clothes because it is my duty. Checking clothes
Checking the quality of the fabric thoroughly and then packing the fabric. After packing, they go to the country on the fabric.
Suddenly a boy's health deteriorated. I had to do his job. First the cloth was being made on the machines, then the cloth was sent for printing. After printing, the cloth had to be cut. It was so bad I had to cut my clothes
The printed fabric is cut with the help of a scissors and then the fabric is packed well. There are packers and boys. I finished my work quickly and then I left for home. It was time for me to offer Zuhr prayers. Today the heat had increased. It was getting very hot while praying.
Before reaching home I saw a watermelon ready. I intended to take watermelon from there. I said I will go home and eat watermelon after iftar.

I checked the watermelon. The watermelon is checked by opening the window with the finger. The people of the village check the watermelon and their guess is correct. Today I also checked the watermelon in the same way and the watermelon is very red. As you can see in the picture above, I went home with a watermelon
I went home, cut the watermelon and put it in the freezer. After breaking the fast, the watermelon had to be eaten and it was time for Asr prayers. I went to the mosque and offered Asr prayers. After that, a friend of mine said that they bring clothes We went to the store and started looking at the clothes. We took out some suits. They were in very cute packing as you can see in these pictures.

I saw the quality of these clothes because I work in a garment factory. It was a very high quality cloth. It is called Lone. This cloth is made for summer and it breaks perfectly. Some Lone clothes are like this. There is no heat in these clothes which makes the body visible. The body feels air
The colors in these clothes were very cute. My friend liked a color that I didn't like. Then I told him to take these clothes. He agreed with me and bought a suit. Now the shopkeeper has to decide the price till the next job. The price was simple. The only thing the shopkeepers have to do is decide how much money to take from the customer. I reduced it a bit and we bought this suit.
My friend and I bought a suit and went home. When I reached home, I saw that the pakoras were about to be made.
I started making fritters. There was less time in Iftar. First I cut the onion. Then I broke the potato and mixed the cut potato and onion. I also added green chillies and tomatoes. I also put the basin later. After pouring the basin, add water and knead it well as you can see in this picture.
Then I lit a wood fire and put oil in the study and put it on top of the chicken. When the oil was well heated, I mixed potatoes, onions and basin and put it in ghee in the form of injections.
And pakoras have started to be made. When it is well heated, the material of pakoras is added to it. They get burnt so I have to take them out very carefully. Whenever I am at home, I take out the fritters myself.

I took out all the pakoras and the time for breaking the fast was approaching. After a while, the Maghrib call started and I and my family broke the fast. After breaking the fast, I offered the Maghrib prayer The body was getting tired. I came home and drank a cup of tea. Friends, this was my busy schedule for today, which I told you and also showed through pictures. May Allah keep you safe and sound. Will definitely remember me in prayers

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Salam alaikum bhai jaan Eid Mubarak your photo is very beautiful


Your diary game was awesome.It looks your day was busy.

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You shared your whole day's story with us How did you spend the whole day I like your post

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