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I say hello to all my friends and I hope all the friends are well. Today I start my diary. I get up in the morning and prepare food for the children and for myself. Today I did not have to fast
The children were given breakfast. The children started having breakfast. In the morning, the children mostly want to eat eggs with pratha. The children were fried with eggs.
After breakfast I had to do the housework. All the dishes in the house were big. I broke the dishes and then started cleaning the house. First I swept the house, then I put the cloth on the floor.
I got ready by doing all the small chores around the house. We also had to go to the bazaar and go for a walk somewhere. I got ready quickly and we left the house. My youngest son was with me. We had to go there for a walk. There was a beautiful park. There was a cow and a baby calf. It looked so cute. I'll show you a picture of it.
Yes, you saw in the picture a statue of a cow was made. This statue of a cow was made of cement and sera was also put in it. Its strength was very high. Apart from children, adults also used to sit on this cow. The calf also looked very beautiful. From a distance, it looked like a cow and a calf
The streets of this housing society were also beautiful and there were squares in the streets. There was a square called Talwar Chowk. There were swords on this square and then there were two horses on the next square. They looked very beautiful. They were also made of cement. Their hind legs were buried in the ground and the feet of these whips looked exactly like real horses.
At first my son liked to sit on the cow. He was enjoying himself a lot while sitting on the cow. Then his eyes fell on the calf and he said, "Let me sit on the calf." I put my son on a small child
There was green grass in this park as you have seen in the previous pictures and the grass looked very beautiful. Some flowers were also open. When the flowers are open with green grass, they look even more beautiful in the streets of Housing Society and me. The son spent some time in the park and we went to my older sister's house
My sister's house was nearby. We went there. When we got there, she hugged me and we met. We sat down and started gossiping.
My sister's room was very cold. It was very hot outside today. In the morning it was cold. It was as if the sun was shining on the earth and scattering its light on the earth. Goes
The next few days will be hotter because the weather is hot. After drinking a cold drink, my heart was drinking water because the real thirst is quenched by plain water. Drinking plain water makes the body active. There are benefits to drinking at least twenty glasses of water a day in hot weather which is beneficial for human body. After drinking water, my eyes fell on a cage in which some chickens were imprisoned. I looked carefully and saw A hen used to say that in this cage there is a hen and her chicks which looked very cute.

Those little chicks looked so beautiful to me. When I put my hand close to fourteen, the hen would hit its beak on my hand. Every mother loves her children. She protects her children. That is how the hen was doing. Even a month of Allah Almighty has created love in animals and humans for children
And the mother loves her children the most. When I saw the love of this chicken with the chicks, I also started remembering my children. I also love my children very much. If anyone touches my children, I will love them. This is what the hen was arguing with
The hen was very much in love with her chicks. She was put in a cage to protect the chicks because the cats used to catch and eat the chickens in the house. We spent some time at our big baji and we walked home
I saw green fields on the way. I love green crops. I saw a tree. The tree looked very beautiful. I stopped my motorbike and spent some time under the shade of the tree. The shade of the tree was deep.
I had a palm tree. It had deep shade and the sun was shining brightly. We didn't want to spend some time in the evening. The palm leaves looked very beautiful. There are many palm trees in our area.
There are many benefits of tali tree. Some medicine is also made from the leaves of tali tree and tali tree is also used to make furniture. Tali furniture is very beautiful and tali wood is very strong. After walking home I rested for a while because the sun was shining outside. I waited for something to cool down because I had to go to the market to buy shoes for myself and my children.
And there are only a few days left of Eid and there will be enough rush in the bazaars. I went to the bazaar. There was a lot of rush in the bazaar. I saw a shoe shop and entered it. I used to read a lot of shoes in the shoe shop.
There were a lot of beautiful shoes in the shoe store. I started liking shoes. I also had to buy shoes for my children and also for myself. The hardest thing is to like children's shoes. I take children's shoes home and have to go back to the store to get them changed. Google, if they are big or small, so I memorize the numbers of children's shoes and read them. The number one should be bigger than the kids because the kids are getting bigger and the kids aren't getting smaller. I checked the children's shoes thoroughly and I bought three pairs of children's shoes and chose one for myself and When I came home, I checked my shoes on my feet and also checked the children wearing shoes. All the lies were complete. You can see in these pictures.


I loved the kids and my shoes. I took these shoes out with great difficulty. The shopkeeper always tries to sell cheap things first. I have bought all my Eid shoes, as you can see in the pictures. I told you the full details of this day and also showed you this was my busy schedule today and I pray to Allah to make it easy for all my friends and they can celebrate the joys of Eid with their children. Friend, Allah will take care of you

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Looking at your photo, you seem to love your son very much I love my son myself Sons look so cute I liked your diary

You are absolutely right i talk to you And thank you that you liked my post

your diary is very good, the cow looks like a real cow, after reading further it turns out that it is only a cow statue, this is really amazing, your photo is also very good

Thank you very much

I really like your camping game and it is a test for you to spend time with your children inside the game so that they can spend as much time with their children as possible.

Thank you

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Children should be taken to trafficked houses. Children do medicine and some live. Children are like flowers, flowers are beautiful when feeding them


السلام علیکم

All day in your diary Own head Appeared and told me i liked it very much The hen had two mice that looked very beautiful


Greetings In your diary, you have all day with friends from all day. And kept his son with him I liked your diary

Thank you so much

iramsaheen (53)

I appreciate your hard work your photography show your all day activity thanks for sharing your post with this community passion

Thank you kind of love

I love when you buy shoes for kids On the day of Eid, the children show each other shoes which if they are beautiful, then they win the match. I liked your post very much

Yes, you are absolutely right, the thief is the identity of the children. Thank you

You buy shoes they are so cute My father also gives me such shoes Have given me new shoes on this eid too My shoes are very cute with my shoes


Greetings All your pictures remain very good And your son's pictures are looking very cute too I checked one of your selfies, in it your face looks or looks and looks very beautiful

You appreciate me thank you

I saw your post very well I found all your pictures very beautiful


Assalamu Alaikum your photo is very beautiful and you are animals photo is very nice

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