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I say hello to all my friends friends I am going to write in today's diary with the hope that you will be happy to read about my past day today and I hope all friends will be well I am also fine by the grace of Allah Almighty. So let's start tonight. I had a bad temper so I didn't have to fast today. I woke up early in the morning and the kids got up. I made the kids breakfast.
Today I made eggs and pratha for the children. After having breakfast for the children, I made breakfast myself. Hot prathas are very fun. After breakfast, I had to do some housework. First I swept the house. The dishes were read. I started washing the dishes. The children make the dishes very dirty. I washed the dishes and put them away. After that I rested for a while. Today I had to go to Hujra Shah.
My heart has been pounding for so many days that I have to go to the Darbar and attend. I had told my nephew to take me to the Darbar Sharif. In a short while he brought a motorbike. A few minutes after Shah Muqeem started to leave, we entered Hujra Shah Muqeem city. And the court began to appear. The court of Hujra Shah Muqeem is very old. It is a city before it became Pakistan. Shortly after, it reached inside this Darbar Sharif.
The court of Hujra Shah Muqeem in which there is the shrine of Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalandar where the sincere request is fulfilled by Allah Almighty. Let me tell you a little bit how I entered the court of Hujra Shah Muqeem when you are near the police station. Next to it will be the Journal Bus Stand and a few steps ahead you will see UBL Bank. Cross UBL Bank. If you look on the right side, the court will start to appear.
And there is a big gate, there is car parking and there is also motorcycle parking. Park your car there and don't forget to get a parking slip. As you climb the stairs you will start to see milling. Next you have to submit your shoes. This is the place to submit your shoes.
Beyond this the court will begin to be covered. There are some etiquettes of entering the court which are adopted so that there will be no shortcomings. The name of this Waliullah is famous all over the world. He is called Bahawal Sher Qalandar.
Many Pakistani Punjabi films have been made on this court and Noor Jahan's frenzy was also shot in this court. Pir Ijaz Ali Shah Gilani comes here as a devotee from all over the world and finds his intentions. The real name of Bahawal Sher Qalandar is Hazrat Shah Muhammad Muqim Mohkamuddin and your title is Bahawal Sher Qalandar.
You will reach outside Darbar Sharif. There will be written on the gate of Darbar Sharif.
It is written on the gate of Darbar Sharif and its strong door is attached. The father had died in infancy and you used to sleep clinging to his grave. Gradually, as you grew older, miracles began to appear on you.
You used to ride on the lion and kill the lion by holding the snake in your hand and the lion used to run more and more. Now let me show you the inside of the court
You have done many miracles. You have written a book. Your famous book is Dar-ul-Ajaib. You were lost in the worship of Allah Almighty and glorified Him all the time. You are forty-two years old. People from all over the world come here to pay their respects. There is a mosque attached to your court. This mosque is very old.
The mattresses here work in the high court. There are some men for the cleaning of the court who are always busy cleaning the court. The court is kept clean and tidy. There are other tombs with the name of the caste in which the ascetic Syed Ijaz Ali Shah Gilani and his father Syed Agha Shah Gilani's blessed tomb is also inside this compound
As you can see in the picture, the roof and the dome of the Darbar Sharif have been made very lovely. It has been encrusted with precious stones and glass. All the visitors who come here are happy when they see the roof of Darbar Sharif
And when the lights inside the Darbar Sharif are turned on, this dome looks even more beautiful from inside. The mirrors placed on it shine and the stone circle also shines and looks very beautiful.
There are shrouds on the blessed tomb and people come here and kiss. Some people recite the Holy Quran here and some people sit and recite the Holy Qur'an. There is always a man here. There are fresh rose flowers which give off fragrance. They offer prayers on the blessed tomb.
Now they will go out after praying from Darbar Sharif. There are jugs of water along the wall. People drink water here. The water of these jugs is sweet and also cold. When the stand is empty, the boy pours more water. A few days ago, a friend of mine visited Darbar Sharif.
When he came out of Darbar Sharif, he applied the salt lying outside with his tongue but he had forgotten that it was his fast. Sometimes a person forgets. People often put a pinch of salt on their tongue when they go out of Darbar and Salt is considered a blessing. Let me talk further. Lamps are also lit here. Lamps are lit every evening and in the evening the lamps look very cute.
Devotees come here and put mustard oil in the lamps and put the lamp of Ravi in ​​the lamp and in the evening they light the lamp. As long as there is oil in the lamp, the lamp is kept burning. used to. Some devotees light lamps to take out their prayers. In the evening there is a room here. Someone is attending and someone is lighting a lamp. I made a picture of the lamps that I show you.
Yes, people light lamps here. Syed Ijaz Ali Shah Gilani, a resident of Gaddi, leads the Jumu'ah prayers himself and after that he also prays to the disciples and also meets some of our religion, most of whom are women. Most of the women also come to this court. They are present here all the time. There is also a qawwali singer here. Every one who comes and goes is given some money. I also gave some money to the qawwali. Standing in the court, he prayed for himself and for his children and for all his friends. May Allah Almighty make the days to come better for us and save us from the disease of Karuna which has spread across the country.
Syed Ijaz Ali Shah Gilani's nephew Pir Asad Ali Shah Gilani also has many disciples who pray to him. Syed Asad Ali Shah Gilani is very kind and good-natured. He meets and feeds whoever goes. Feed and pray for it. Friends, today I have told you about the court of Hujra Shah Muqeem, where I spent half a day today. My heart is very calm. I attend this court every month. Today is my day. Good day because I attended the court of the guardian of Allah and I hope you have a good day too, all friends will remember in prayers

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Peace be unto you! The journey of Hujra Shah Muqeem is very beautiful. There is a mausoleum of the elders of religion which is very beautiful. Millions of people and their followers come here. The pictures you have taken are also very beautiful. Very good



You told us about the court of Hujra Shah Muqeem and we also saw the pictures. The court is very lovely. I also came here once.


You attended an Auliya at the tomb of Allah Here the wishes of the mind are fulfilled Your post is very good

at the tomb of Allah .

You write that correct your wording

Your vsit to dargah of hujra shah muqeem is nice. Photography that you have collect is very charming.

Thank you so much

It was great to hear information about Hujra Shah Muqeem that this city also comes under my area so I would love to hear information about it.



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MashaAllah Outclass Post