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My dear friends, today I will give you an important information and I will tell you the details and also show you some pictures, then I will start talking. I got up in the morning and fasted. This morning I ate potatoes and meat. He ate pratha and then drank a cup of tea
It was time for Fajr prayers. I prayed Fajr prayers and then rested for a while. This morning I was going to visit a friend. He had a dairy farm. He had a dairy farm. In a short while I reached the dairy farm
The gate of the dairy farm was very beautiful and there were high walls and deep shades for cows and buffaloes, of which I will tell you the full details.
My friend told me that it cost us a lot to set up this dairy farm and that the purpose of setting up the dairy farm was to deliver pure and quality milk to the people of the city.
He said that for a long time we had a desire in our heart to build this dairy farm which we have succeeded in building. The strong gate of the dairy farm cost Rs. 50,000 to build. If you run towards the gate, it will not break. I will show you a picture of this gate
Now we will go inside this gate and also tell you about the situation inside. Now I asked how much it cost to build it on your walls and my friend told me in detail.
"First we mapped out the dairy farm. We estimated how many bricks would be on the walls. We went around the land that was earmarked for the dairy farm," he said. Dig a little deeper so that water from the ground does not enter the dairy farm
Then we called for bricks. The first thing we asked for was bricks. It was 20,000.
After that, we kept ordering as many bricks as we needed. Four masons took part in making it. The daily wage of a mason was fixed at Rs. 1200 and with them 3 laborers. Was
This work was going on. The masons and laborers were busy building the wall. We had the walls plastered with cement. In a day, a sack of cement would be used and a sand trolley would be used. Our dairy farm covers one acre
This work went on for two months. Some days the mechanics also took leave. In two months, the boundary wall of the dairy farm was completed and we calculated the number of bricks. It had taken 140,000 bricks. It needed bricks and more
He said, "After doing this work, we ran out of money. We stopped working for a few days. His brothers work in Kuwait. They send money from here, so they start this work a few days later." Arrived and work resumed. We started making huts for the animals in which the animals are fed. You can also see in this picture.
We had forty thousand bricks in making it and we started the work. All the bricks were made in them and we read two thousand bricks and then the work was completed. It took twenty days to make it. The workers were the same as before. Now the next task was to put a roof over it. Various companies were contacted to put a roof over it.
But our rate could not be fixed. Then one of our brothers used to install such a roof in Lahore. We told him that he sent some boys from his factory here and they started betting here. First they were in cars. Bring the luggage which was a plastic sheet and there were pipes, the details of which I will tell you after this picture.
As you can see in the picture of the roof, first they dug pits for the pillars they were going to put on the side, then they put strong iron pipes in it and put gravel cement in them and left them for a few days when they When they started to get stronger and strengthen themselves well, the work of installing a plastic roof was started. They have no special sheet. This sheet is not damaged by the sun and it also looked very beautiful.
The work began. They placed the pillars on top of the pipes like poles and began to put plastic sheets on them. The work continued for five days when the roof was completed. At that time, they lifted the roof with the help of a crane. They were placed on the wild and the roof will be strong
When the roof was complete and all the work was done, now fans had to be installed on it. Fans were very important for the wind. We started that work. The cost of one fan was Rs. 30,000. We installed two fans which are used for animals in summer. Now the next task was to buy our cow and we had bought a good breed of cow. We started looking for a cow. Sahiwal breed cows are very popular in our area.
We had less money so we had to wait for a while. We needed Rs. 10 million to buy songs. We had some money and some of our brothers had to send it from Kuwait.
The money we had, we thought we would bring their cows. The rest of the money will come to us. We will buy cows. We had to buy some buffaloes because it is necessary to have buffaloes with the cows. Some people have cows. We bought ten cows and two buffaloes first. We bought the buffalo and the cow that used to give milk. A cow gives up to ten kilos of milk at a time if its food. If it is increased, the milk becomes more. These cows have a special diet. They call it Wanda and also use Khul
He told me that now we have thirty cows and there are twenty of them. They all give milk. The cows that do not give milk, we sell it and do not replace it. The cows bring milk because we only need milk. Should be
We currently sell about 700 liters of milk from our dairy farm. There are four boys to take care of the cows and buffaloes. They have their fodder and water and to protect them. And three boys who feed and clean these cows and buffaloes and bathe them. A boy's salary is twenty thousand rupees. Boys take 80 thousand rupees a month and the milk we sell daily is about forty. It is worth a thousand rupees
And Wana eats this buffalo fodder of ten thousand rupees. We have a lot of profit in it. We save twenty thousand rupees a day which becomes six lakh rupees a month. By doing such work we can earn millions of rupees a month but first The costs involved should be determined
Making a dairy farm is not an easy task but when it is done then you start earning money. You should have at least more than one crore rupees to make it. If the land is your own then today This diary of mine is in the name of dairy farm. Millions of rupees can be earned per month after making dairy farm

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Milk from dairy farm provides condition Eat and drink milk brings life to human body And the body is healthy You made a good post

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