These are my uncle's fields. I have visited them. It is very good

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I hope my friends are all well. My friends, I started this day with fasting. When I woke up early in the morning, my friends used to read for about twenty to twenty-five minutes before the end of the morning prayer. I used to get up early, my friends. I used to get up early in the morning, so I would take a shower. I hurriedly got down from the bed, got down, put on my shoes and went to take a shower in the washroom. So I went straight to my room. I saw my mother had prepared my breakfast on the bed. I sat down to eat. I had to finish my fast for fifteen minutes. I hurried to eat my breakfast today. I made white rice at night with my mother and I also had yoghurt and with it my mother made very nice prathas and I had yoghurt lassi and I drink yoghurt lassi with great enthusiasm.
I hurriedly started the morning prayer, then the call to prayer will start. I went to the mosque and performed ablution. I performed ablution and prayed in congregation. I prayed in congregation and recited the Qur'an and after that I prayed sincerely for the person who He prays sincerely. Allah Almighty accepts his prayer. When he prays sincerely, he returns home. My mother told me, son, there are no vegetables in the house. Today I had to send vegetables to fetch a canal near our village. There are a lot of vegetables sent along the way
Dear friends, you can see in the picture below that these vegetables have been sent. My friends, you are seeing for yourself how hard it is to send them. My friends, you are seeing a lot of big ones. And a net with a net is tied to them and a seed is sown under them. Friends, when it comes out of the earth, in which surah does this willow grow? It runs high with the date. If it is not a net, it cannot rise to the top because it is very fragile. If it does not have a boss, it will not be able to stop the net like this. The will is a pumpkin and its drains have green chilli seeds sown in it. Friends, you have grown it. Now you sell the vegetables. You give it at the right rate. Friends, it is watered for singing. And at the same time the servant is added etc. They also spray it because they avoid insects etc. If the people of this vegetable get infected with worms, they do not allow the people to grow on them. They are very toxic. Sprays are used to kill them
Friends, this is Kadu Sharif and I have worked very hard to make this pumpkin so big and they have planted it. We who irrigate these crops, we have to pay for this water and those who eat with it. They are also available for money and the sprays are very expensive and at the same time we give them potash. This is the will of Kadu Sharif. It is very delicate. It goes up with the drama. When this bounty is sown, then after three months they recite pumpkins with it. They give strength to our stomach. It is very useful and useful for me to see. He used to eat pumpkin with great relish. Allah has healed in it. When we eat it, it purifies our stomach and strengthens it. It is given with a little experience. When we cook it, It is very tasty, it tastes great
Friends, you see in the picture below, this is a green chilli plant. They sent it to the gutters of these pumpkins. Now it has grown. You see, it also has chillies attached to it. It is called green chillies. If we do not break it for a few days, it will turn red. Then this green chilli will be new. We will bring red chillies. Then we will break these red chillies and teach them. We use it in curry. This red pepper comes tomorrow. Now it is the season of these peppers. Now it is green pepper. It is very important for our health. We use them in many places as we also use green pepper in pickles. After that we use it in curry and green chillies are not used in rice etc. We bought shawarma or burgers from the bakery, then green chillies are also used in it. It is much better than it is nowadays. Pepper is more important for our health
Guys, I knew all the way I explained it, and when I asked the owner, he told me, "Son, we prepare the land first. We prepare the land. We build drains on the land." They put a black colored shopper on top. I asked what is the use of this shopper. Why do they use it? He told me that this shopper does not allow the grass to grow. I asked what happens if the grass catches fire. This uncle told me that this grass does not give seeds to the fire. It takes the place of the wife. Then I understood all this. I was amazed at how hard the farmer works to grow the crop and feed himself. It is a great facility in Dosto village for us to get fresh and fresh vegetables. This uncle farmer sends vegetables and he also sells them in the market early in the morning. He finally gets his hard work.
Friends, I really liked this pumpkin field. I thought I would share it with my friends. My friends, you must also tell me how you feel and how much the farmer has worked on it. They pick pumpkins in the evening and Put them in some sacks and close them and take them to a green market early in the morning and seal them there. I saw that they were going on a motor jealousy. This uncle farmer is about twelve acres every year. I asked him his account and this uncle farmer thanked Allah
At that time you said in your heart that he is an honest and noble man. I bought a kilo of green chillies from him and also two kilograms of pumpkin sharif with him. They were very happy and were praying for me. This crop is about four kilometers away from our village. When our house runs out of vegetables, we bring it from there. My friends, you must tell me about this crop and Ihsan uncle. How are you guys i liked it so much i thought i'm sharing it with my friends guys this was my post for today's crop i hope you all like it thank you guys


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