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السلام علیکم
My area is very beautiful in terms of beauty. There is greenery everywhere in my area and the fields look green and lush. When new leaves of trees appear in my area in spring, the view is very attractive because whenever When new leaves and new branches appear on the trees, the view of them changes. The trees in my area are very numerous. There are small plants and big trees everywhere.

Today I will tell you about the beauty of my area. There are many trees in my area. These trees look very beautiful. When I go out for a walk in the morning, I see the green leaves of these trees. It cools my eyes. Many of them are big trees and some are small plants. Because of these trees, the environment of our area is very close. These trees eliminate the air pollution in our environment as you all. People know that oxygen is essential for our life. It is the tree that provides us with oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from its leaves.


Trees are very important for human life. If there were no trees on the planet, life on earth would be impossible. Trees play an important role in strengthening the earth. We should plant trees mostly on the banks of canals and rivers because trees Forcing the banks of canals and rivers there, which greatly increases the risk of the banks collapsing. It is an unavoidable task that people cut down trees. People are cutting down trees one by one, which makes the environment. Pollution is on the rise. People are cutting down trees but not planting new ones. Trees should be cut down on the grounds that if one tree is cut down, five more trees should be planted in its place. One or two will grow. That is why we must protect the trees. Trees give us life, so in return we must take care of them.

Cattle are found in large numbers in our area. The fodder for these cattle is raised when it is grazed in the fields and when it grows up, it looks very beautiful. The green leaves add four moons to the beauty of our region when dew drops fall on these leaves in the morning and when sunlight falls on these drops they shine like pearls and this view is very captivating in the morning. When some people from our village take a morning walk, they also believe that this view is very attractive and charming for them. Many tourists come from far and wide to see this beauty of our area because our The area is so beautiful that people come from far and wide to see it and admire our area



I woke up early in the morning in the fields of my village. I go for morning walks because walking in the morning keeps a person healthy. Only a healthy person lives a healthy life. It has become my daily routine that I go for daily walks in the fields today when I was going for a morning walk when I saw two farmers cutting fodder from the fields. I went to them and helped them in cutting fodder. These farmers cut fodder every morning and cut the fodder and put it in front of the cattle. When I asked them if they cut the fodder and put it in front of such cattle, they said no, we cut the fodder from the field first and then cut it into small pieces with a sharp instrument. I change what is turned into pieces, then straw is mixed in it and then it is put in front of the cattle and the cattle eat it with gusto. We can keep it because it gets spoiled if we keep it for more than one day.
I also asked them how do you cultivate this fodder in the fields and they told me that we first soften the soil and after softening the soil we water it once. The fodder seeds are sown in the ground and then re-watered after a couple of weeks after which they no longer start from the ground and after about a month the fodder is ready to be harvested. This is the advantage of fodder. Even if we cut it once, it burns again. If we cut it again, it burns for the third time. Thus, it grows again three or four times.

Friends, this is the beauty of my area. I hope you like the beauty of my area. My lock is even more beautiful in terms of beauty. I will continue to tell you about the beauty of my area in my next posts.

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amazing post, the plants look so lush,



Hi brother
You have shown the beauty of your area. I like green fodder very much. I like everything very much. Green things are on the ground, so it looks very beautiful.


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It is a great post. The green in the photos is Beautiful. Nature is everywhere.