Diary Game [Seeing my pet pee playing with its mother] 17-04-2021.

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Assalamualaikum, good night, friends of Steemit, especially those who join this community, hopefully all of us will be given health and a long life by God Almighty so that we can always meet every day and we pray that this community will be more advanced in the future. So on a happy night I want to share this story about my pet cat, so just get into the discussion.

The cat in the picture is my pet cat which I care for very well, you can see it below I will show you some of the photos!






As you can see in the picture, my cat is playing with its mother, she looks cheerful every day, but my kitten is still very dependent on her mother at her age, now she is still very dependent on her mother, unlike other kittens that live independently in his current age. actually my kitten is not alone he has 4 siblings but unfortunately the three of them died in prey by a male cat to eat, only he himself survived. now he lives alone with his mother cute where his mother goes he always follows him he is very spoiled still very attached to his mother.

Even though he is alone, he is very cheerful every day and my cat really likes to joke, especially with his mother like in the picture above. My cat is playing with his mother.





In the picture, my cat is playing in the plant if I notice he is not playing but is learning, namely learning to pounce on his prey. Of course it is very lucky for me if he is good at pouncing because the mouse in the mouse will not feel at home living in our house because there is a cat. This is because I didn't care for it on purpose but one day my mother found her on the side of the road I saw she was very hungry so I immediately took her home to feed. If I bring her back on the road I feel sorry so I intend to just keep her until Now I also don't harm me he lives very thinly and his presence is very beneficial to me. fortunately for me, of course, rats do not like my house because he is afraid of my pet cat.

That's the story about my cat today and thanks to admin @ahmadcmk for working hard to advance this community. Greetings from me @rifki1.


Cats are so cute when they play together Both of your daughters are looking great Cats should also be protected They should be fed and fed over time

Your cat is very beautiful 🥰 I like your cat


So beautiful cats you should a professional photographer photography thanks for sharing your photos and your blog with this community passion

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hahaha thanks for encouraging me. of course @sweet. colours


You told me about your painted P cat. You protect it nonetheless and of course she is very beautiful. She is white and she is playing with another cat. Of course you have created a very good post

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yes he is playing with his mother

I read your diary today and I love reading your diary and you have written very well about the cat and its mother in this diary and you have taken very good pictures of it. I.

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Thank you for your criticism.

How beautiful this world looks I think you must have made his pictures very difficult