By @saeed093 13-05-2021 As time goes on, people forget some old things. Two things they used to need

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Hello friends, today I will tell you about some of the old things that are fading away with the passage of time and some of the things that are gone, so I start
First of all, I want to show you this picture


Yes, we call it a lantern. At one time its demand was very high. At that time there was no electricity. People used to put kerosene in it and burn it. The glass on its side is the light inside. It did not allow air to blow. Traces were also placed on it to discharge fuel. At that time, it was not possible to do any work at night without this lantern, because at that time it was dark everywhere and the light was not far away At that time these lanterns were owned by a few people and they also valued them. At that time if someone had to look for something in their room at night, they would light the lantern and look for things. There is only lighting. Since the invention of electricity, tube lights, bills, etc. have been burning and flashing everywhere. The value of this lantern will be lost. Now we can turn on the light through mobile phones if we have to find something. So this lantern is now a thing of the past

So I'll talk about another thing. Some time ago there was a lot of demand for this thing. Now you may be wondering what it is, so look at the picture.


So this is Mr. VCR. Some time ago when this VCR was released, there was a lot of buzz about it. At that time, people who had a VCR were very respectful of it and many people bought it at the shop. There was a time when Pakistani film Mola Jutt was leased and at that time the demand for Molajit film increased so much that all VCRs were booked every day for a year. And the cassette of Mola Jutt movie became rare, people started copying the movie and Mola Jutt movie became so popular that it broke all the records of Pakistani film industry. At that time these VCRs were running slowly. Times have changed and VCDs will be introduced. Demand for VCRs will end and all movies will be converted to CDs.

You will talk later VCDs in Pakistan VCDs have developed a lot and CD discs have been sold in large numbers in Pakistan.


The first VCD came in the market in Pakistan and as soon as it came, people started buying VCDs instead of VCRs. In a few days, this VCD had become an ornament of every home. The discs came. They were very expensive. After that the discs started getting cheaper. There was a day when Hall Road became the best selling Pakistani market. One of the benefits of watching people's favorite movies on CD was this. There was no rubbish in it etc. The head of the VCR had to be cleaned and some movies used to put rubbish on the VCR and the CD film was running perfectly clean. Then one day it happened that this one desk of the ladder cost ten rupees. I started selling it, its market started to run out, but as far as movies are concerned, its market is gone, now it is used for essential work, the disc is used for wedding movie movie, it is put in it when USB You can also delete the movie from the ladder to the computer via USB. You are also used to save the DCD data. Now the whole system is running on the Internet and mobile.

So now I will show you something else I will look at in these pictures and explain in detail after the pictures

Big eye


Yes, the picture you have seen is called big eye. It is mostly used by us mechanics. It has many advantages. If there is a technical problem in the TV and I am fixing the TV, then some such technical error. Which is a very difficult task to find. Many times break points are interconnected, then we use it. The advantage of looking at them well is that the error is removed quickly by a mechanic. I work I am a very old craftsman of all electronics things from radio to TV LED Most people make TV from me because the era of radio is over now in the modern technology LED market You've often had a problem with the LED panel. I've also learned the workings of the LED. Now I can fix that too. Electronic things often go wrong. Some things get fixed and some junk. Become ornaments

Now what I am going to show you is also becoming very popular in Pakistan, so check it out




Yes, you saw the different cassettes in these two pictures. The big cassette was the VCR cassette and the small cassette was the DV camera cassette. Now I will tell you the difference between the two. The video was recorded by inserting it into a camera and then it was viewed by inserting it into the VCR and the small cassette was recorded by inserting it into a small camera DVD and into such a camera to watch it. After playing, it was first saved to a computer, then a CD was made and watched. It could record up to 60 minutes, and the VCR cassette you saw could hold up to three hours of recording. Now let me also tell you their prices. Let's get a VCR cassette for Rs. 150 and a small cassette for a DV camera for Rs. It used to be a three-hour movie, so movie makers used to make movies on the biggest ones. Now, modern times and modern cameras have come. Now, cassettes with memory cards have been removed from everyone's cassettes. They have come in the market with the result of HD and Four and they make a very good film and after making the film it is copied in the computer immediately. I will go ahead and tell you.

Wedding movie editing is done on computer in modern times



Yes, I am talking now. Computer was also successful in the old days and now the computer age is running. Computer is needed in every home. Educated boys can get a job only after learning computer. Computer is a must in our curriculum. It has been declared that every child learns computer from the beginning because in the coming days, all over the world, including Pakistan, only computer work will be done. Handwriting work will become a dream from every office in the computer. The work is done and the pencil has to be used for the sign only after stamping, so the computer also plays an important role in the work of Movie Maxon. It installs a software that runs with the help of dongle. The name of the software is IDS. It is made by keeping a lot of data in it. It is a software of 1000GB. It has a lot of songs in it. All you have to do is copy the movie and make pictures. You have to select the song and the rest of the work is read automatically

So friends, I will show you the present and the things of the past. I hope you will like this post of mine. All friends will take care of you and remember you in their prayers.


technology is now very sophisticated, unlike in the past

thank you very much


You set this post back to nostalgia In the past, these old things used to happen, nowadays Jadid technology has come. You still keep these things You made a good post, reminiscent of the past


You mentioned in your post about very old things that have been made for about 60 to 70 years

Yes you are absolutely right

Assalam alekum your lalten photo is very beautiful and very nice

Very nice old thing

The DVD and CD only lasts about 5 to 10 years, and if exposed to the sunlight, much less time. The vynil record and VCR and cassette tapes last the longest, but the machines to play them have been made intentionally obsolete, so that we will forget our past, by those who control us. The digital formats on USB and SIM cards can become corrupted and lost their data. Books are the best way to retain memories- Books and photographs. only these last many centuries, not just mere decades, and they require no machine to view. I too, repair electronics and most of the things I have repaired have been discarded and no longer exist. We live in a society where things are disposed of when they fail to function, out appliances, our phones, our relationships- all just become faded memories of the past and then completely forgotten after we die. I keep working televisions and VCRs and phonographs, and old computers of different operating systems in a safe place in my house, incase there happens to be a wise one who should encounter them after I die, and realize these can be used to view things nothing digital can show. But when I die, the people will probably just throw away everything, not understanding they are blinding themselves to visions of their ancestors. Their short term greed for property and land will make them poor in their early future, as they have no future by their own design. Just a repeating daily struggle for existance, that they cannot overcome.