APPOINTED AS NEW MOD OF @steempassion | @shahab1998

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I hope you all are fine and doing well, I am also fine by the grace of Almighty Allah.


First i would like to give a little introduction about my self, My Name is Shahab Khan and i am student of Computer Science and i am in my last semester about to graduate and currently living in Karachi. I have joined this platefrom on 02 of September 2020. I am also active on other plateforms like Hive and i have started trading on Binance too.



So, i am appointed as MOD of this community STEEM PASSION by our great Admin @ahmadcmk , i would like to thank all of you for giving me alot of greetings on the announcement post. INSHALLLAH we all will work together like a team and make this community more successful and list it in the trending ones.
I want support of you guys, We will introduce more contests in future approximately from the next week , And your participation will be highly apprrciated and those who will post quality content will also be awarded with rewards.

I hope you guys will support me in this new veture , THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN !! :)



Congratulations @shahab1998 on becoming a moderator. Hoping that this community will flourish more and more under you and @ahmadcmk cumulative actions and guidance.

Thankyou @aniqamashkoor for your wishes :)

Assalam Walekum, I wish you a very happy Mod Ahmad bhai has done a good job,Mod made a educated boy like you

Walikum Assalam and Thankyou brother.

you welcome And we expect you to handle the community well And bring our community up I do so much on you Are you a training faith youngster

hi shahab1998 (59)

Our noble wishes are with you And we hope you do well for the Community And bring our Community up I congratulate you

Thankyou so much! and support of you all encouraged me more :)

Nice to see you here..Hope you prefer quality over quantity

Yes, but both are necessary, Quality content is very important but it should be in a good quantity

Very nice post sir full support me

Of course we will support you, be the best for this community.

Yes, i am here with the motive to boost this community.

Alhamdulillah,,may Allah abundant mercy and blessings.

You accept me congratulations And I hope you will do well for our comment And i thank you sir

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Hello @shahab1998
You are becoming a part of this community and I am very happy. I want to work together to remove all the shortcomings of this community. We will also guide our users to post quality in the community.

YES @ahmadcmk , INSHALLAH

congratulations friend, you are chosen as the new moderator in steem passion, I hope our steem will be even more successful and even better, i support you friends

I saw your post. Your post is very good. You are working very hard and honestly and we are very concerned about everything.

nice shaha bro