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RE: Deadpost Initiative is back....!

REally cool you're bringing it back - had so much love and respect for this iniative back then. I don't know, maybe a curation of best submitted ones and then set these posts with beneficiaries? Ie. 3 submitted posts, with link and 'blurb' (see my post today, for eg) and set 25/25/25/25 beneficiary ( 3 x 25 for the posts, 1 x 25 for your effort). Just a thought. I kinda like the idea of posting to community ONLY to get more upvotes that way, but you'd need a lot in community and then you'd also need to wait for Steempeak to get that function too as right now it goes public on other front ends, doesn't it, and only JUSt to community on Beta.

But yeah to make it less labour intensive, you could just repost your favourite submitted one for the week with a short blurb by you. So many ways to skin a cat, excuse the expression.

We're doing a similiar thing on Natural Medicine, hoping to get seen by Google for GOOD content under NM account. WE'll see if there's any take up - hoping so.