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Remember the Deadpost Initiative? For those who don't, it was a weekly contest I held to invite people to submit old posts which hadn't received much payout.

We would then comment on each others posts and upvote their comments and I would decide the winners of the week based mostly on engagement but also on post quality and the degree to which the posts were undervalued. There were all kinds of posts, and for a while the contest was able to give out $20 USD worth of prizes a week, thanks to steems price and support from @tribesteemup @kernl and others.

I stopped the project mostly because I was too busy to keep it going, and had talked to @inuke about reviving it but thought maybe communities would be a good chance to transform the idea a little bit.

I'm still not sure exactly how this will work. For now I think we should just repost old posts, unlike before, but indicate clearly that it is a repost, perhaps with a little introduction and post it through this community. Then fellow Deadposts members can interact as usual. The goal will be to gather the best posts from our blogs throughout the months and years.

The point is to make this less labor intensive than the past Deadpost Initiative which usually required 2+ hours of reviewing posts and engagement in order to decide a winner, but also to encourage GOOD posts.

Let me know if you have any ideas about how to achieve that balance.

What should the rules be as far as how old the post should be?
How can we ensure better rewards to good posts (I only have a $0.03 upvote as of now)
How can we avoid the community becoming a spamfest?
How can we encourage the best quality?
Should it just be a free-for-all of reposting? Or should it be more like before, a weekly contest?

I personally think a free-for-all would be great as long as we could figure out a way to avoid a spamfest. What do you think?

For now, join steemit communities and the Deadpost Initiative community : here

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This was always one of my favorite initiatives and I am glad you are bringing it back! :)
Reposting old posts could work, though some might considered doing that a downvote worthy offense.. Perhaps if the old posts are only reposted within the community and not to our blogs, it could work out well. Keeping it structured as a weekly contest would probably keep it easier to organise, with relatively specific parameters as to the quality of the post that can be submitted. The regular people participating were always good about only supporting quality posts from what I remember anyways. Either way, however you choose to bring it back, I look forward to the Deadpost Initiative coming back again!!

REally cool you're bringing it back - had so much love and respect for this iniative back then. I don't know, maybe a curation of best submitted ones and then set these posts with beneficiaries? Ie. 3 submitted posts, with link and 'blurb' (see my post today, for eg) and set 25/25/25/25 beneficiary ( 3 x 25 for the posts, 1 x 25 for your effort). Just a thought. I kinda like the idea of posting to community ONLY to get more upvotes that way, but you'd need a lot in community and then you'd also need to wait for Steempeak to get that function too as right now it goes public on other front ends, doesn't it, and only JUSt to community on Beta.

But yeah to make it less labour intensive, you could just repost your favourite submitted one for the week with a short blurb by you. So many ways to skin a cat, excuse the expression.

We're doing a similiar thing on Natural Medicine, hoping to get seen by Google for GOOD content under NM account. WE'll see if there's any take up - hoping so.

I remember this initiative, and would like to see a revival. It does definitely take some constant engagement though, and imo, should not be held by just one person to run it. I think a business plan similar to the one #fff uses would work well...not to say guaranteed, but it has proven successful. 3 or more main ops, good and creative engagement, weekly/one day a week. That seems to be a good time slot for ppl with little to a lot of time. And then a vote on the favorite of the week by anyone and everyone. The true key imo is engagement. I have seen little to no spam on the #fff tag, and if ya do, @jlsplatts will smack ya with a fish!!! Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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hooray! deadposts!

A new idea to me...wasn't aware of the earlier effort (maybe it predates me). Sounds good. I would support and also participate.

What if we called it "Dead Posts Society"? ;>)

6 months ( or more ) of R.I.P. sounds like a plan.
If I've got more ideas, I'll let you known. I'd be willing to delegate or help with the price 'money'.

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Oh finally, I got some posts I'd like to "resurrect". Hehe.

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