Board Gaming with the Kids!

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Something that has been going out of fashion (I'm also a bit guilty about this...) has been the idea of introducing children to board and card gaming. Mostly, I've been introducing my children to some really quality computer games that have either decent game mechanics or are really beautiful works of art.

However, solving puzzles and figuring out game mechanics is interesting and worthwhile... but it doesn't pit the child against another human adversary! In the ruckus of this last week in the STEEM/TRON face-off... the skills required to read a human opponent, to identify and deploy tactical advantage in support of a over-arching strategic goal was on display in varying degrees of mastery.

A good way to learn these skills in a non-critical and fun manner as a child is through the medium of board and card games. I've been teaching the basics of chess and checkers to my older child, and we also have some more in-depth board games that we try to play from time to time... Also pictured above, is the game called spit (speed?) that I remember playing quite a lot of during my own childhood.

Recently, she has been introduced to a sort of Escape Room style of game by some of the older siblings of her friends.. I'm hoping to transition this interest into a sort of interest in RPG board gaming.... but that might be a bit too much to hope for! But still, it would be really cool if I can manage that!

The younger child also has some little games that we are introducing her to... we are big fans of tha German Haba brand of board games for kids. Simple mechanics, colourful style and interesting settings.

The only thing is that these board gaming sessions are time intensive and require a good deal of input, patience and teaching from the parent... of which, time can really be the limiting factor in a busy life. However, the skills that are learnt in pitting one human against another will be invaluable in future adult life... including the ability to lose (or win) gracefully.

As it is already, both kids cream me completely in games of memory... kids are weirdly good at that sort of game! So, it is good for me to start finding great games that I stand a chance in.... or at least until they grasp the mechanics and start dominating me again!

Anyway.... off to do a concert... managing musicians is also a great test of these learned skills!

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We love board games. My kids are older so we go for more sophisticated games like Settlers of Catan these days, but we have collected quite a few. I know what you mean about kids being good at memory games! Our kids have always creamed us at those too.

 7 months ago 

I can't wait till we hit the more interesting games! I hope that they still will be interested in those! Memory... kids, they are freakishly good at it.... sometimes, I don't even get a single pair!

We didn't have video games when I was a kid, and as I grew up, being allowed to play a board game was a big deal, at least to me. I could see kids today having the same feeling about board games, even with the video games, but I think they'd be few and far between.

 7 months ago 

It is much harder these days to try and co-ordinate the times to play together... I guess it was hard when I was young, but I had less commitments then and it was my parents that had to make the time!

Howdy sir Bengy! Very true and I think it's great that you're getting them involved even if they slaughter you. lol.

Why you no post...

Got chicken strips?

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Zeus is a curious dog! lol. I'm slacking off a little due to several factors. Mrs. J thinks I should spend more time on other things like projects here on our property for some reason lol. I'm also waiting to see how this Tron thing works out.

Yeah come be apart of the town halls...

Looking pretty brutal beating that Justin sun is asking for.

And me and dog are down to come work. We do take steem... And an adventure to help friends and visit is always good.

Yeah gotta get some chores done so the wife is happy...

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 7 months ago 

Haha... I will exact my revenge in other ways!

 7 months ago 

We also love board games and have many , so many of our weekends are filled with playing games. And ofcourse they do video games aswell, and learning to play piano. So different from my parents but slightly the same !

 7 months ago 

Our girls are a bit too seperate in age to easily find games to play together... so, we often have to find simpler games that the young one can do... but every now and then, we just do one for the older one... plus, I still like playing computer games with the older one!

 7 months ago 

I remember these days. My kids came into being before computers were in every home, so the board games were a big thing. Also blocks, trains, doll houses - that's what they did all day. Now only one of them even plays video games. And boy do I remember how great their memories were on those games! Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten. I was definitely a loser every time on those. Entertaining post.

 7 months ago 

I often end up the loser... the girls (plus my wife...) often end up ganging up on me!....

I love board games, and my family becomes very competitive even with a simple game like Monopoly!! I taught my children Monopoly on a young age and it did wonders for their math, from a very young age.

We have lots of fun together playing cards as well!!

 7 months ago 

My wife... she is normally pretty quiet and shy... but when she gets together with her own family to play board or card games... the whole family turns into scary screaming raving competitive lunatics!

A true leader helps others to become leaders my friend and you are indeed a great parent in the development of your blessings(children).
Even if you are bit biased on the losing side hahaha.

 7 months ago 

Haha... I'm only losing because the girls group up against me!

Oh yeah, I think I have heard that one a few time before hahahah.
I bet that you allow them to win Lol.

 7 months ago 

Ha... I wish they would just let me win now and then...

👌 ❤️ 👌

 7 months ago 

Teaching physical board games, excellent development tools, also teaches one to lose gracefully (especially when learning with older children/siblings).

 7 months ago 

When playing with the older ones, it is also a great way to try and teach the older ones to be merciful and give the young ones a chance as well....

That’s wonderful to take time to play games with your girls. It’s a great way to teach them how to win or lose gracefully.

It would be good to learn games where you have to count(E.g. cribbage, darts) would be an advantage to children in school

 7 months ago 

It's quite fun... although, tonight we had a game that JUST WOULD NOT END!

Kids these days are all mobile phones and social media. Amazing how you go them interested to play with boardgames.

 7 months ago 

I think they do enjoy it... although, the young one loses attention and concentration about half way through...

I love to buy my kids this kind of games and when we go to the beach house where there is no internet they play everything. I also have them in the house but between the occupations and the computer they don't let them use them, it is very important that they use their memory or exercise it

 7 months ago 

Ooooh.... nice! They seem to have killer memory though... I can't keep up with them... or maybe I just have terrible memory!

This is great. I miss doing that with my girls. They grew and are far away now. Parents need to encourage and cultivate this kind of interaction with children

 7 months ago 

It is great fun to do together... although, sometimes, there can be moments where the game can't finish!

 7 months ago 

We've been having a great time introducing our grandchildren to board games and card games - Roman is 7 and Millie is 5 - and they are loving the interaction with us adults in a fun way. And we adults still play cards and board games during family game nights. Great post!

 7 months ago 

Lucky you! It must be fun to do that altogether!

I always liked Clue and Life. We'll take a break from the TV now and again to break out a game or two. Love It! Your right.. Chess and checkers too are a good way to build useful life strategy skills.

 7 months ago 

Oh, I haven't played those since I was a teenager! I will have to try and find them... my girls are a touch young at the moment, but soon...

I congratulate you on your thinking. Misguided technology is brutalizing human beings. Teaching board games to children teaches them to think and have strategies. My son studied music, it was a beautiful investment that raised him as a better human being in my opinion. Chess is a fabulous and very complete game. Thank you for sharing. @bengy

 7 months ago 

Chess is a great game... I can't wait to teach my older one the complete game rather than simplified versions of it!

 7 months ago 

I have an entire china cabinet full of board and card games. Some of them we actively play quite often! My oldest son knew one of them so well that when he was in the hospital for over a week he was able to replicate the game and teach all his hospital mates how to play. That was pretty awesome to see.

 7 months ago 

Nice! I have an old game that I've been looking for... Animal Chess, I remember playing it with my father, but these days, it's pretty hard to find! But these sorts of games are ones that just stick in your mind...

I have such fond memories of playing board games with family growing up as well as with my children. You're right @bengy, you can't develop those communication skills while gaming! Face to face is definitely necessary. I worry about those kids today spending their childhood in front of a computer screen. Playing outside and being creative is crucial, negotiating skills are also developed with peers. So glad to see your family game time :)

 7 months ago 

Yes... negotiation and a bit of deceit and manipulation!... all necessary ingredients for winning that game!

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 7 months ago 

Thanks for the support!

Hi @bengy. Kids are like sponges, they soak up everything. Learn quickly. Take for instance, a child not yet 1 years old in the shopping cart playing with his mom's iphone, happily pushing buttons and giggling. And they don't forget any promises made to them.

I played tic-tac-toe; find-a-word puzzles; scrabble; crosswords with my kids when they were small. Now when my granddaughter visits, we go online and print out some find-a-word and other puzzles. She loves that just she and I play. And it's hard to beat her at those games.

But then she pulls out the phone and wants me to play some crossing the train and jumping over trains game. Knowing I can't play them, she laughs when I get creamed by the train. I'm so glad that they still want to play games with me.

Thanks for sharing, and have a great rest of your week.

 7 months ago 

Yep... they definitely never forget a promise... I have to be more careful about that sort of thing!

Haha... it's great that they want to play with you... and they always find it so funny when they are much better than us!

I have tried introducing Splinterlands to one of mine, but still unsuccessful... I guess it will be my fault at the end of the day.

Only works when there's no other stuff around (like when going camping and stuff like that...).

 7 months ago 

Ah Splinterlands is pretty good... but nothing compares to a face to face showdown across a board!

I agree too. Miss those times as a kid playing Magic the Gathering.

 7 months ago 

We also love board games and have many , so many of our weekends are filled with playing games. And ofcourse they do video games aswell, and learning to play piano. So different from my parents but slightly the same !


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