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One of the nicer things about having a Coronavirus enforced holiday is the fact that we get to spend quite a bit of time together as a family... which has led to some pretty bizarre conversations...

This week, we took our child to the doctor as she had some stomach problems... and the first diagnosis was that it was constipation. Which means that we were prescribed some gentle laxative to help with the bowel movements. It does mean that we have a daily talk about poop though... which has led to some eye-opening revelations!

My Question

  1. How often do you normally poop?

My sample answer


I can't even believe that I am asking this question.. but it turns out that it was more interesting than I had thought... my wife goes roughly three times a WEEK! I have a one per day sort of routine... Let me just say that I was stunned that you could go through a whole day without pooping...

So, it did lead me to read about this... and apparently, it is normal for people to poop between 3 times a DAY to 3 times a WEEK! Trust me, my mind was completely blown! I always thought that everyone just went once a day.... like clockwork. This has really been a strange and enlightening revelation for me... I just don't know that much about human (or other...) biology, how is it possible to store that much poop inside of you?


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I must say Bengy this is a crappy question but I’ll add my three a week to it. L0L. I think men have less problems with their bowels as they seem to go mostly once a day while women not so much.

I never thought much about having a bowel movement when younger but now I am more vigilant and will often drink 1/2 glass of pure prune juice if the system seems to be slow.

it's a shit question XD

😂 it does raise a stink.

 10 months ago 

Haha... I"m sure that we've all really wanted to ask it though! I seem to not really have a problem with the daily thing... although, my wife does seem to think it is weird that it is like clockwork... she thinks it is all in my head! (The need to poop, not the physical poop...).

I’m glad the poop is not in your head Bengy. 😂

When I was younger, i always did it after brushing but this days, around once every 2/3 days.

 10 months ago 

Yes, it really does seem to change as we get older....

We are able to handle a bit more

What an unusual topic for today! Haha! Well I go about twice a day. Once in the morning and again maybe around midday? 3 weeks is a long time though! Where does it all go? My aunt claimed she went once a month but she has problems.

 10 months ago 

3 weeks??.... I will have to double check what the hell I wrote! I had meant to write 3 days!

Normally just once a day around 9am this is after I have been awake and had my coffee. This changes for me only when a big meal or new meal is added in to my diet. That will sometimes lead to one at night. Then sometimes I make it one day without but the next day do it when I wake up.

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 10 months ago 

Lots of people seem to have it after coffee as well... I did read somewhere that coffee is a bit of a mild laxative... not sure about that though!

To me it varies. When I eat less or fast, I poop less. And when I eat regularly I poop at least tree times a week. But it is normal to poop even just two times a week if you eat a nutrient dense food with fiber.

 10 months ago 

I guess, it really does depend on the types of food that you eat... if I eat badly, well... it is much more often!

After waking up and drinking coffee and once more during the day.

After waking up
And drinking coffee and once
More during the day.

                 - cuko

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh nice. love haikus.

LOL! You wrote a poop haiku!

Posted via

muahahah ! It's funny indeed. <3

 10 months ago 

Well... much more regular than my wife! I heard that coffee is a mild laxative or something like that...

I only drink decaf either way!

Because I am falling in and out of keto, my pattern changes. Also, I (try to be consistent about) taking a fiber supplement.

it goes from a once a day (after my coffee, like the rest of us LOL), to once every 3 days (then many times during that day)

on keto 1/day
but when I fall off the keto wagon 1/3 days

the supp. I take is a fiber pill with both pre-biotics and pro-biotics, and when I do remember to use it, it make things a lot...easier???

the best? on keto, with the and out of the head like the wind ;>

Never push! Only expand. LOL. I tell my kids that all the time too.

Posted via

have you suggested lamaze to them? ;>

Hahaha. Nope. I just tell them to relax their anal sphincter.


you'd be surprised how often I have to tell that to people in the middle of normal conversation...
then again my idea of normal conversations can be a wee different ;>

HAHAHAH. When I was a High School Teacher, I used to tell my students to "eat more fiber." Sometimes one of them would be confused enough/care enough to ask my what fiber had to do with the conversation. Students who already knew me would start laughing before I even started explaining.

 10 months ago 

Oh, I guess that a changing diet would have bit of an effect on this! Coffee does really seem to be the stimulation for a poop break though!

defintely one of the better drugs out there!

 10 months ago 

This is awesome! Aside from all the potential jokes, it's an amusing discussion, specifically because it seems so out of the norm. Love it!

I used to be a one-a-day type, too, until I changed my eating habits and routines to try out "intermittent fasting". Since doing that I've been either one a day or once every two days.

My routine also gets thrown completely off when I travel. It's anyone's guess at that point what'll happen.

 10 months ago 

Haha... thanks! I think it is one of these things that we are all curious to ask others about, but never really get the courage to do so face to face!

My routine is completely off when I travel as well... I really don't like it!

After getting up and brushing my teeth, before my coffee with milk @bengy

 10 months ago 

Before coffee?!?!?!... I think you are the only one that goes before and not after!

That's how the bathroom is first and then I go out to the kitchen to get my coffee @bengy

Once, always the same routine. Wake up, coffee and a cigaret and boom... Shower after and go about my day 🥳

 10 months ago 

LOL, everyone is right after the coffee!

It tends to vary a little bit, but with toilet paper in high demand due to Covid-19 panic buying, I try to make sure I do it at work - I don't use my own TP and I'm getting paid to poop.

And thanks for the awesome prize

HAHAHA. I can't tell if you were joking or not, but it does seem like a great way to save on TP

Posted via

 10 months ago 

LOL... paid to poop! Dream job there!

Once a day

 10 months ago 

It's amazing what a different experience that everyone has though!

🤣🤣🤣 You've got one unbelievable but normal question in the hospital there. It is even charted.

Well, For me it depends. If I eat too much it will be 2 to 3 times a day. If not it would be once a day. Like clock work it would be every morning. There would be time that none in a day too. Have a nice day 😊😊

 10 months ago 

I bet! It is the sort of question that everyone wants to ask in real life... but is just too embarrassed to! My mum is an ICU nurse, and she it would always be one of the first questions that she would ask us if we felt sick!

Yes I believe that is one of the most important question to be ask in the ICU, Intensive Care Unit I supposed you meant? It can be the mark whether you can go home or not, or a sign to do some test or a symptom to some undiagnose condition. I guess poop is important too.

Hi @bengy.
Believe me, I understand your wife since I spend between two and three days when I do not go to the bathroom, I drink enough liquids and as a fruit that can help digestion, it is uncomfortable, really annoying but being able to go is the glory, I literally sing we are champions, my husband laughs when I come out of the bathroom singing

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 10 months ago 

HAHAHa!!!!!... Achievable goals there!

Hahahahahaha that's right

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LOL! Poop is a daily conversation here in my home. I teach my kids to look at theirs... yup, they all know what their poop normally looks like and what it looks like when they are unwell.

"Mom, I need more fruit" is sometimes heard while they are flushing. Sometimes it's "Mom, you were right, drinking water and eating fruit DID make it softer."

Whenever anyone feels "bad" the first questions is: "When was the last time you pooped?" If they can't remember, Dr. Mom prescribes a glass of water and a walk. If that doesn't work it is more water and a belly rub.

Your question, usually daily, sometimes twice, and I am in a much better mood if it happens twice. Right now at 7 months pregnant it is slowing down and I have to admit that less poop means I have to be more mindful of losing my patience with my kids....

Gosh, I didn't know I had so much to say about poop... I even deleted some of my words cause they were just tooo.... involved?

Posted via

 10 months ago 

LOL... I'm not quite there with telling my kids to examine their poop visually! I do ask them if it was hard or yuck though...

Pregnancy... yes, I vaguely remember that my wife had some changed patterns there as well! Less space?

I normally do once a day. Our family doctor said it best to do so at least once a day. She said that studies shows that people who move two to three times a day have a very little risk of developing colon cancer. People with constipation is quite risky, since when the bowel stays in the intestines because of constipation, the toxins from the bowel will be redistributed to the body. 😢 (I don't know if it's true, but she has the authority to say it, so I believe her. 😂😂)

Hopefully, the laxative would help your daughter. 😉

 10 months ago 

Yes... the laxative is making it all move again!

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