Bozzlife: Beer Saturday and New Speakers!

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This weekend it was pretty cold, not as cold as it should be this time of year, but it was still pretty cold. I have a case of this beer that I have been keeping in my garage. I picked it up when I was in Ohio visiting my inlaws last time. It is probably one of my favorite cold weather beers and the fact that it is made by the oldest brewery in America makes it even better.

I was introduced to Yuengling several years ago when they expanded their market into Ohio. I have been waiting patiently for them to move into Michigan, but it seems that is never going to happen. There was talk of them making the move this year, but I have since heard they decided to expand their distribution in a South West direction instead.

With the majority of focus being on craft beers these days, it is nice to know that a brewery that has been around this long is sticking to what they do best. I have heard that they make a really decent Oktoberfest, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself yet. It is a shame because Oktoberfests/Marzens are probably some of my most favorite beers.

I am ashamed to say I have never had a true black and tan, but if they are anything like this mix by Yuengling then I would be more than happy to try one. In my opinion it is the perfect balance of heavy and light, the beer has a lot of body and a rich flavor without veering too much towards the coffee notes that a lot of dark beers can have.

@mrsbozz asked if it was okay if we grilled out on Saturday and I was more than happy to oblige because that meant I got to sit in my garage and enjoy a couple (or 4) of these. As I mentioned it was cold enough outside that I didn't even need to refrigerate the beer. I simply pulled it out of the 12 pack, twisted off the cap and started to enjoy it. This beer is actually one of the exceptions to my belief that dark beer tastes better when it is just a little warm.

If you ever get the chance to try it out, you definitely should!

Update... I decided to split this into two posts, so check back tomorrow for the new speaker review!

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The owner of Yuengling was in the news on twitter a few days ago, but I forget what the context was. It's a great beer, and I think I will enjoy one or two today!

Oh my, I hope it was something positive that got them in the news! I'd hate for some kind of scandal to ruin such a great thing!

I can't say for sure, lol. I looked for it but couldn't find it again. I think it was positive, but I'm not sure if it's carrying the option of being acceptable or unacceptable according to the reader's political stance, being that I saw it on twitter, where absolutely EVERYTHING seems to have some political hazard(s) attached! :)

Really cool! I live in Canada, ima look next time i go to beer store.

I am not sure they distribute up there, but maybe you will get lucky! I went to a beer store up there once. It was awesome, all of the conveyor belts and selections!

We have a lovely selection. I prefer getting 12 singled variety pack then a 12 pack of one kind. To try new things :)

Good point! We have options like that here too. Many of the "party stores" have empty carriers so you can put together your own six pack. That has become a very good option with the growth of craft breweries.

I haven't lived in North America for a number of years but before I left there was a big push for Yeungling in all supermarkets and bars. It became a premium, yet inexpensive beer. I remember thinking it was just fine. To be honest until you posted this I didn't know it was still around.

I'll have to fly up there and have one with you :P

For sure! I think part of what makes it so special for me is the fact that it isn't readily available unless I go to Ohio. Kind of like New Glarus and people outside of Wisconsin.

Back when I was drinking I used to get Yuengling a lot but only tried the black and tan once, it was nice but not really my preferred style of !BEER

Darker beers are definitely an acquired taste. I didn't used to like them either. Heck, for a long time I didn't like beer at all.

I have friends who love Guinness and other dark Beers, but I never got them myself and I used to love !beer for years, dang blood thinners stopped me drinking it

Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

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 2 years ago 

It used to be that way for Coors too! I am from Connecticut and there was no Coors sold East of the Rockies. We would all hop a flight to Colorado to ski and the first order of business was a Coors.

But, yeah.. we have grown up now. :)

I love reading your posts! Keep them coming!


(Oh! When did you roll over to 70? I haven't been paying attention!)

Wait, you didn't just have the bandit make a run for you to pick up some ice cold Coors banquet beer? I totally understand where you are coming from! Yuengling is really something special in my opinion. I used to have to bring back cases and cases of it for my friends. I am surprised I didn't have smokey after me! I ticked over to 70 a week or so ago. I am pretty excited!

 2 years ago 

Congratulations!!! I missed it! I just ticked 69!Woot! I am a slow grower without the benefit of the voting bot.

Le sigh. I could have, but, felt like it was cheating, so I didn't.

Anyway, you should be excited! I am dreaming of 70!! We didn't have a bandit run because Colorado was halfway across the United States. And we really did want to go skiing! :)

But, we did run to the NY border for booze when we had a different drinking age than they did. Oh, youth. We were so young and dumb. (Me, not you!)

Haha! I hear you!

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Cool! I've never seen that beer before. I'm not sure if they have that here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing us this review. I know that you enjoyed that beer

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Thank you!

I wonder if they have that selection in Texas @bozz 🤞


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They might. I have never been to Texas. Isn't the go-to beer down there Shiner Bock. What is the one from King of the Hill? Alamo?

There is no chance I could find this beer in our country. I wonder how many it would take to put me down hahah. Nah two bottles and I'm out lol.

I think it is a little higher ABV than other beers but nothing crazy like some of the 12% craft beers I have seen.

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 2 years ago (edited)

Planned purchase, packed away for the right weather, sounds like a good beer to enjoy. Have never heard of this one, by responses it must be popular, enjoy your !BEER

Yes, I have been saving this one for a bit colder weather. I really don't drink as much beer as I used to, so I try to get special ones for special occasions.

 2 years ago 

With beer Saturday I have been more selective for special days and sharing, normally a light beer at the end of a hot day in summer to sustain me LOL... yes same light beer, love the flavour.

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First time to hear of it my friend. Sounds good and glad to know that you enjoy it.

It is very tasty! I truly need to try the real thing one day though. I was at a bar in Vegas that was themed after an Irish pub and the bar tender was pouring them hand over fist with the Guinness and Bass.

Nothing like the real thing as they say my friend.
You certainly seem to get around.

I must admit I've never seen a packaged black and tan, it is a mix you can request on draft (or draught as we spell it, or in fact 'on tap' as we say) in Australia.

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Yes, this is the first time I have seen it too. They do a really good job with it I feel. The funny thing is I have never tried their Porter, just the Lager they use with it.

 2 years ago 

Black tan I wish hihihih

 2 years ago 

I have had their Oktoberfest brew, and it is just as good!

I'm not a huge fan of black and tans, but Yuengling is my favorite beer. I'm glad to see they've stuck around so long, and glad to see them expanding.

For sure!

I guess I had never thought about different beers being better in different seasons. That’s cool. I am more of a wine drinker but love to read posts by beer enthusiasts!

There are some that are great year round, but the seasonal offerings from a lot of craft breweries are awesome.

This !BEER sounds like my type of beer!!

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