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Where my Steem Journey began :

My steem story started about 5 years ago when I found our about bitcoin. I learned a lot about the blockchain and kept in my mind that the price of the cryptocurrency will always grow. I didn't know that an other blockchain can compete with it. Then I learned a bit about ethereum and I thought that's just a copy of bitcoin, I didn't know anything about it. When steem was created in 2016 I didn't know about it. But, I was a student and I had a hard time and I had to look for something online to earn from. I was claiming bitcoin in a lot of faucets, at the same time tried PTC websites and one of them was called ''''. I was there watching ads and at the same time doing some tasks to earn some money. Then I got tired from that and I gathered some money and started to invest in websites that were ponzi schemes ( but I didn't know about that ), so I learned again and again that people usually just lose their money and to earn more they ask to invite more people to earn commissions. I understand everything about those websites and I even learned how to be sure that are ponzies. I decided to look for something where I don't need to invite people because I got tired from inviting people to websites that scam people after time. I learned hard about that and I even lost money there.

MY STEEM STORY - BY @clixmoney


My initial challenges & how I overcame them :

So, I start looking for something better to earn from and I found once a video of @jerrybanfield talking about steem. He was so excited about it and I decided to join. Then I watched a lot of videos about steem to understand what is it and how it works. Usually when I join a website, I learn about it everything and sometimes I even dig dear and try to reach the team of those who are doing well in the website. So, I started by commenting a lot. I was very active commenter and a lot of people knew me. I was commenting almost under each trending post and I still remember a lot of names who are here active all that time like @surpassinggoogle for example. I even used one of the first applications and still using it sometimes now. I used created by @firepower to connect with steemians. ( I didn't know about discord in that time ). I even used and we had only the phone application in that time. So, I became also excited about steem and I decided to be as much useful as I can and I became a full time steemian.

When I was active looking to invite people to those wesbites where I was earning comissions, I was very active in facebook promoting those websites. I learned a lot about facebook marketing and I became very active there in a lot of groups. I was always respecting their rules and share links where it's allowed and don't share them if it's against the rules. I even created a few groups and was an admin there. Then one day facebook proposed to me to be an admin of one crypto group and I accepted. I don't know if someone from the team noticed me or maybe just an admin of one of the biggest groups who recommended me. I was surprised, but I accepted, because my groups were very little and the group that was given to me was with over 23,000 members. The group was about cryptocurrencies and people were there sharing referral links and inviting people to scamy websites. I decided to stop that and I started to delete and block people there and I blocked over 3000 members and when I saw others respecting the rules, I stoped blocking. Then I converted the group into steemit group. I remember giving that group a lot of names and thinking about a lot of principles how to make the group effective to promote steem and I still remember calling the group ''Steemit for resteem''. I noticed that steemians are not resteeming a lot and I set a rule there for steemians to post their links only if they will resteem someone from the group. A lot of dedicated steemian liked the consept and that's how I get to know many great steemians, some of them are gone and some of them are still here.

We were all happy in those days and a lot of quality content waw supported and then the hardfork 19 happened and for some reason we lost that support. I don't remember what exactly changed, but a lot of people changed their behaviors including me. We were working hard to see some results but it didn't help us anyway. Then I decided to convert the group into a service. I was looking for steemians who will upvote content for steem. I've seen that upvote bots apeared then and a lot of people started to use them, but that wasn't that profitable, that's why instead to make people lose money and get lower upvotes with a lot of steem, I started to build something to big big upvotes with little amount of steem. That was hard of course and not that profitable. I even had a team who were upvoting people and I was accepting and distributing steem between them, but they didn't like the earning after a while and they pefered to delegate to upvote bots because those were giving them better return for that. That's how I stoped the service and decided just to forget about the group. I decided to comeback to the community and learn about what to do to grow here. That's how I found @dtube !

I became very active in dtube and I gave all myself to the application and I was even reporting spam and plagiarism. @dtube upvote was very high in those days, that was the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 when we had the bull run and steem hit in those days about $7. The dtube upvote was hiting sometimes $80 and that was crazy to see people earning that from a videos. That's how I became daily dtuber and I joined a lot of video communities and created @dcooperation myself. I started to interview steemians and I interviewed more than 100 steemians, you can check that in my youtube channel now. Not all the videos are there because I have different relations with those steemians, but I left all those videos with steemians I still in good relationship with. That's how I met @reseller and I interviewed him as well. He was a dtube curator then and he even nominated me to be a curator and I was accepted.

Here is our video if you are interested to watch :

I was one of the most active dtube curator. I was doing my best to support as much steemians as I can. Then I joined the movement of @nathanmars that was called ''Dtube family''. That was in the summer of 2018 when steem price start dropping and we were doing everything to promote steem and dtube. I was very close to @nathanmars , the most upvoted by dtube and very active and well known steemian. That's why I had a lot of friends, but enemies as well. They were jealous, hated to see me successful and started attecking me. The most used saying by them was ''If you are clixmoney, that means you care only about money.'' That was really funny to see them thinking like this. I called myself like that because the first website I was earning from was called ''Clixsense''. The PTC website ( paid to click ) I talked about in the beginning of this post. I just changed the word ''sense'' to ''money''. I was in hurry and I didn't plan to stay with this name all the time, but sometimes you can't guess what you will do in the future. That's funny.

So, among those who hated me one troll apeared and started to do things to destroy the community @dcooperation. I stand against that and did everything to keep being positive and to no care about the troll. She was even coming with stories about me and she said a lot of bad things about me and dtube and of course dtube team decided to remove me from curation. They have a business to care about and that's why they don't need something like that happening even if that's from a curator. They had more than 10 curators anyway and they had to recycle them. So, I stoped being a curator, but my excitement about steem, dtube and @dcooperation didn't went anywhere, but I kept doing what I'm good in and in the end the troll attacked a well known steemian and she was downvotes to oblivion by the community and she left steem. I won, she lost. lol

Here is the best collaboration I created with dtubers :

After that @threespeak apered and I start being active there as well. I created there a lot of videos during 6 months and participated in a lot of inititives by @oracle-d and @theycallmedan. But, I felt that I'm pushing myslef too hard and I even got a bit sick from creating a few videos per day. I wasn't sleeping a lot and I started to worry about my health. After all I'm almost 35 years old now and I need to care about myself. I can't say that I'm not active at all, but I try to be less active, that's why I create now only about 3 posts a day while I was creating till 6. That was a lot of work, and that consumed a lot of time from me.

My Steem blockchain knowledge :

I think I learned enough about steem and the community from all my steem journey. I'm still learning every single day and that's really awesome !

My Steem favourites :

Now I decided to create one video a day in @dtube and an other one in @threespeak and the third just write a post about something. If I feel tired, I just write an other post instead of a video and that's enough for me. I have also to care about my social media where I'm promoting steem at the same time, like in twitter now, I'm very active there and in quora sometimes as well.

Here is the best collaboration I created with steemians and you can watch that in 3speak as well :

My golden nugget advice:

Never give up no matter what and never find excuses !

My Steem hood & its peeps :

I'm active in a lot of communities. I can't tell you that I'm active in a particular one because with all the things I do, I don't have time to be active in one. I just create from time to time in a community I like and we have a lot of them in steem. That's why I love steem community. We are all a big family on this blockchain. We are as one !

That's my steem story and a lot of things happned in fact, I just can't remeber everything now.

Steem is big part of my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading ! ☺

I would like to mention 5 steemians who maybe will be interested to participate in this and those are :
@cryptospa the steemian who I met in real life.
@rehan12 a very dedicated steemian.
@priyanarc a well known steemian.
@cryptokannon the most active member of @dcooperation community.
@robertandrew one of the coolest steemians.


You can follow me in all these social media and let me know in the comments, how can I find you to follow :

Facebook group , Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok , Medium, lbry , Uptrennd.

I'm promoting steem in all of them. Let's connect there and promote it together !

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation , the community where we collaborate. You're welcome to join us in our discord server.

Here is the community in beta.steemit, you can subscribe and post in it : . We are giving autoupvotes for that and you can get up to $5 upvote for that.

Check here what else I do to promote steem : The efforts I do to promote steem !


Nice story yours, you had bad time against the trolls, a pity! Their accusations did not make sense, of course you were interested in money, we are all here for that, maybe not mainly but it helps a lot I think!
Wow! 3 contents per day? Making one keep me already really busy! Congrats for your effort!

Thanks a lot. Yeah, after all everywhere we see numebrs here. Not, only money matters of course and there are a lot of things happening, but some people always look for something negative to say about others. Yeah, even 3 content a day is sometimes hard to make. I need to take breaks sometimes.

A lot of people are negative... Bad for them!😉
I can imagine..😄💪

There are more positive than negative I think. Let's hope always for the best. ☺

I remember that Troll. Well it happened for a reason and you are in a better place, buddy !

Yeah, everything in our life is for a reason.

I'm glad to see you've posted your my steem story, and I really enjoyed reading it. I think you're trying to do good things here. I hope you succeed!

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I'm doing my best to be useful.

Thank you for sharing your story @clixmoney 🙏

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You're welcome. Thanks for reading it and commenting. ☺

Hey that is bringing back memories!
Love that you did your Steem Story - Thank-you! for you have been real busy doing some good stuff!
Glad you are taking care of your health more now a days so you can continue to be with us - Steeming on!

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you read my story. Yeah, those were a lot of memories that will never be forgotten. Steem on. ☺

 2 years ago 

You have had an action packed journey lol. A great contribution to the initiative, thank you.


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