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RE: Corona Virus Update: I'm Sick and Tired! (Ulog No. 54)

I guess the main thing people are scared about with this thing is that it's unknown, and we don't really know enough about it to have any kind of effective treatment or cure, and vaccines are likely 12-18 months off.

A friend of my wife's — who's an ex MIT biochemist — says she and a group of friends have been trying to isolate some wisdom about COVID-19 and what it doesn't "like" and so far there seems to be a correlation between people taking substantial Vitamin C and Melatonin supplements, and resistance to becoming infected. Not a "fix," by any means, but certainly an ounce of prevention.

It's definitely not like the bubonic plague, or even like the Spanish flu of 1918-19, which isn't to say we shouldn't take it seriously, but the overreaction is crazy.

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