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That Dream


I haven’t dreamed, or I guess I should say I haven’t remembered dreams, for quite a while. I used to have some pretty wild ones, but my dreams were pretty vivid and many was the time that I had difficulty believing a dream was just a dream.

I never had a real nightmare, but the dream I’m going to write about was the closest my dreams ever went to the dark side.

I’ve always considered a nightmare to be a dream that scares the living shit out of you, and its lingering effects could be so intense that it’s possible it could even screw up your waking life. My dream was nothing like that.

My dream was, for lack of a better word, gross, and I could add that it was also somewhat creepy. Not creepy in a frightening way, but creepy in a disappointing, heartbreaking way.

In the dream I was alone in my car, and somehow, or for some reason, I ended up in a section of a forest. I parked my car in front of a pond or small lake and on the other side of the water the trees all had dead animals hanging from the branches of the trees by strings. There were hundreds, or thousands of them.

Even in the dream, I recognized that an overwhelming feeling of sadness had consumed me. It felt like the end of the world had arrived and this “show” was how I was personally being informed it had happened.

I was quite lost as well. My car had disappeared and I had no way to get out except by walking. As I walked however, all of the trees I encountered had dead animals hanging from the trees with strings. Not around their necks, but mostly their tails.

Every small animal I could imagine. But, like I said earlier, I never felt scared; just disgusted.

I think this dream may have been caused by the “new” style of horror movies that started in the 70s. The first one I had seen was called “Last House On The Left,” as I recall. I didn’t find this type of horror scary, I found it to be disgusting and worthless trash. I thought this because of how the movies made me feel.

It was exactly how my dream made me feel while in the dream and it lingered for some time; days actually, after I’d awakened.

That Dream © free-reign 2020


This is my entry to the PHC contest hosted by @zord189, which is only for PHC members. This week we are to write about a dream that we've had, a special one that we can't forget for whatever reason.

Thanks for reading!


Sources for images used in this post:

Animal Skeleton: Image by biglinker from Pixabay
Forest Trail: Image by SplitShire from Pixabay


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 last year 

Quote : I used to have some pretty wild ones, but my dreams were pretty vivid ....

Well i thought this was going somewhere nsfw on sunday hahahah, but it didnt, great that you didnt skip this one either !

Haha! One of the weirdest dreams I ever had was one where I would be somewhere where the toilets were just out in the open. Someone told me that it might have been a dream telling me I needed to wake up and go to the bathroom, but I don't know.

I just remember those dreams always made me feel weird because in them, I just couldn't use a toilet next to a sofa people were sitting on, having a discussion, lol!

 last year 

Hahahah I love it and you know what it’s #toiletthursday today hahahahah and dreams are semi real so the bathroom might be the best option and just listen to you conscious 😉

Not a fan of horror especially where it is a case of harming things other than people. I do like the ones like the grudge, and suspense like shutter island but very gory things I find pointless. Ideally if you are going to kill something get it over with, it seems to me they give these lives more meaning with torture and things and I just don't think lives have that much value to waste time. It is also a show of kindness to do it quickly and I do think that makes an assassin or serial killer which ends it quick a better person than someone whose intention is to inflict pain. That is why the way the Chinese killed those pigs in recent news is just horrific and at the very least they should have done it in a manner which would have the animals drift away or something. It speaks to just how cruel and illogical society is and will continue to be so more and more. Maybe your dream was more seeing the future :)

Yep, I am certainly not a gory horror fan. I think those kind of movies are liked by people who have no feelings, because IMO, that stuff is sickening.

There's a huge difference between the two, but there's a TV show that's on early in the morning, called America's Funniest Videos, or something like that. They have SO many videos of little kids getting hurt, and they put it on the show as something "funny." Kids getting hurt isn't funny FFS!

Aunque me apasionan las películas de terror, las he dejado a un lado. Me he inclinado ahora por las de acción. de todos mis sueños, recuerdo un 90%. Genrealmente son acerca de lo que hago a diario y para resolver problemas de mantenimiento. Mi mente no para, jaajaja. pero hay uno en particular que lo soñaba desde niño,constantemente y publicaré dentro de poco.
Un abrazo, mi estimado.

Although I am passionate about horror movies, I have put them aside. I have leaned now for action. Of all my dreams, I remember 90%. They are generally about what I do daily and to solve maintenance problems. My mind doesn't stop, lol. but there is one in particular that I dreamed of since childhood, constantly and will publish shortly.
A hug, my dear.

I used to remember all, or at least most dreams I had when I was younger. I usually woke up remembering a dream every morning then. I believe I still dream, because sometimes when I'm drifting off and something makes me wake up then, I can usually detect there were some dream-type things happening.

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