... And I Call It "Sublimely Beautiful Sunday"


The local Electric Company scheduled a quarterly maintenance on a Sunday, hence we decided to escape the terrible heat and be at the beach instead, at least it's breezy there. The sun was exceptionally intense. It was actually painful on the skin. We stayed at a cottage most of the time to shield us against it. To console ourselves though, we keep reminding each other that the novel coronavirus didn't spread in our country because the virus doesn't thrive in hot weather. So, we welcome the sun's heat. Haha! 😂


More than 30 of us joined in this little escapade. It was quite a huge group. This was the largest group of friends I had in years, in spending the day at the beach.


We came prepared. Some of the friends brought a hammock, a mat, board games, card games, volleyball, and somebody even brought a surf board balancer with him. Of course, almost everybody gave it a try. Even our little fellow tried it, but with some help!



We were there to really enjoy ourselves, breath some fresh air, enjoy good food, pleasant association and simply relax.

In the hottest part of the day, the cool waters from a nearby waterfalls of about 300 meters away from the resort was a sweet treat! Some of our friends really indulge soaking their bodies while basking in the sun.

Later in the afternoon came the games. The boys played volleyball while the girls cheered for them. While others, seating on the mat in a relax fashion, created a small faction to have their card games moving.




And when the day was almost over, the sun bid farewell for yet another day. And as it does, it painted the sky with gold that gorgeously created a golden path.



I would say, the beach would not qualify to be inviting, yet the stronger friendship that was forged because of the great time we had at a simple beach is what makes it a sublimely beautiful Sunday.


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Beautiful pictures, @gingbabida!

Thank you @jayda. 😊

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 last year 

Seems like you guys had a great time and you posted some lovely pictures here my friend! Congratulations!

Yes we did. Thank you for the compliment my friend. 😊

 last year 

Great and my pleasure!


I don't think it's true the virus don't spread in hot weather.
We are hot here and there are still new case detected.

Hehehe. 😂😁 It's just groundless rumors, I guess. No scientific evidence to back it up. Haha! 😂😁

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I'm already a member of eSteem Discord channel, @esteemapp. Thank you. 😍

Great photos all, but the shots of the sunset are exceptionally awesome!

Thank you @free-reign. Yes, the sunset was absolutely beautiful that day.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving such kind words.

Hey there how are you? You make me miss the beach already. Where is this beach located by the way? I see some Talisay trees if I am not mistaken.

Oh yes, it's Talisay trees. It is from Babatngon, Leyte, Philippines.

Are you from the Philippines, too?

Hello kabayan lol. Glad to see you here.

Oh! Hi po. Taga-saan po kayo?

Cavite may other pinoys here at #PHC I'm glad you joined in.

Opo. Thank you po. A couple of days palang po ako nagjoin dito. Hehehe. Kaya marami pa akong di alam.

 last year 

Stunning sunset photography, pity you did not share the waterfalls I can only imagine how refreshing that must have been on a hot day trying to cool off.

Thanks for sharing your entertaining day out with friends.


I didn't go with friends, because I felt pity to leave behind a mom who cannot come with the group because she is attending to her 8-month old baby.

I can grap their photos but it has all their faces, so I refrain myself from featuring it. Hehehe. Sorry. 😢

I'll feature that waterfalls next time, @joanstewart. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

Have a beautiful day. 😊

 last year 

Save it for a later date when you visit the area again. 😊 always a next time!

Yes, you are right. I'll sure be back in summer days. 😉 Then, I can write about it.

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Lovely pictures

Thank you @guury123. And thank you for dropping by.

Before anything else just want to know. Have you been in PHC for long or I was here first? Just curious but I'm happy that fellow Filipinos are here.

by the way the images were so amazing. It seems you had a great time spending time in the beach which is I love it as well. I was beaching yesterday with friends.. Anyway I'm happy to have you here.


Nope. This is just my 2nd day in PHC. Am very, very new. Still scared I might do things the wrong way.

First day on Discord, because I do not have a profile pic, they call it a 'spammy one.' I was so nervous. But everyone was friendly and helpful. 😁😂

From where are you in the Phils? I'm from Leyte. I also met someone from Cavite a while ago. So nice! 😍

Thank you for dropping by, and happy to have met you here.

I live in Leyte as well but to be specific I'm from Southern Leyte. Don't be afraid they are all nice. It's nice to be in discord where you can meet new steemians that can be your supporter as well. By the way let's support the community from the Philippines. I didn't know those guys but because they're from the Philippines I think I should join there. I made my first post in their community by the way. I'm not expecting for a great support from them but maybe my presence sometimes there is not a bad idea. You can check the community from my recent post, it was my first time posting there.

Beautiful photos of beach and fun times. I’d like to send you some snow to cool you off but I don’t think it works that way. 😂

Hahaha! 😂😁 Wish it works that way.. I would really love to experience snow! Hahaha! 😂😁

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you so much for the warmest welcome @steemitbloggers. I am so happy to be a part of the Power House Creatives family. ❤❤❤

Nice shots. Nothing like a beautiful Sunday spent cooling off with family.

Yes, indeed.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment. 😍

a perfect day, what beautiful photographs, I congratulate you

A perfect day, what
Beautiful photographs, I
Congratulate you

                 - carolinacardoza

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you so much. It's far from perfect, but it was imperfectly beautiful nonetheless! 😍😍😍

Thank you for visiting and for leaving kind words. Have a beautiful day. 😊

Wow, those pictures of the beach are beautiful @gingbabida. Particularly liked those with the sun setting, as you captured the colors very nicely. We live hundreds of miles from the ocean, so views like this for us and very rare.

And all because your utility company had you scheduled for a "power down" day? Interesting, as I ended my career working for one. Was it some sort of maintenance or was there some emergency action needed?

Nice post showing how you made the best of it!

Thank you for your appreciation @roleerob. We live in an archipelago, so basically there's water everywhere. Hehehe! 😂 It has it's pros and cons though. Remember Supertyphoon Haiyan? Storm surge devastated our place. 😭

The scheduled power down is due to the quarterly maintenance. Really? You worked for an electric company? Wow! Nice job! 👏👏

Thank you. I've realized that to enjoy life, you have to make the best out of it. Being content and refraining to dream of "flying" when we can't is what brings us happiness.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving those thoughtful words. I really appreciate it. 😍

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@worldcapture? Chris, is that you? Wow! What a pleasant surprise!!! I never thought that you are the man behind TravelFeed!!!

Thank you for the "smile" and support even though I didn't use travelfeed.io. I saw people use that tag travelfeed when they are on travel, and I thought it is the right tag to use. Sorry about that. 😢

Again, thank you.

Hi @gingbabida - Haha :D Well I'm one of the curators of this amazing project :)) - You are welcome and you should try the Travelfeed.io platform for you next travel report - You will see, it's something pretty amazing! :))

Hope you have a wonderful day! :))

Ohhhh.. Sure thing! I'll post in the TravelFeed.io next time. Thanks Chris. 😊

What an AWESOME Sunday spent with your friends and family. So jealous.. Beach, Waterfall, Games, food.. wow, I would never want it to end. Spectacular sunset too! Icing on the cake :-)

Thank you. Yes, when having a good time with family and friends you really would not want it to end. When we were already leaving, one of the friends said, 'back to reality.' And it is so true. Sometimes, when reality is harsh, we don't want to go back to it. 😢

Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a beautiful comment.

uggggg... I say that every Sunday :-(

As of today the weekend is in view once more!!

oh my goodness, what a beautiful beach @gingbabida! Looks like you had an amazing day with your friends and family. Love those sunsets :)

Yes, we had a great time together, that it seemed like time has been so fast. 😢 And we were blessed to see such a beautiful sunset!!!

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it. 😍

Beautiful photos going 👍👍


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Good on you for making such a wonderful day out of an unfortunate occurrence!
Amazingly beautiful photographs!
Thanks for sharing!

Yes, we have to make the best out of it. 😍 Thank you. Thanks to the dazzling sunset, for the beautiful photographs. ❤

Thank you for dropping by and leaving such kind words @porters. I really appreciate it. 😊 Have a beautiful day.

Wonderful Sunday, that sunrise was amazing! I loved those colors! 😍

Thank you. It is really a beautiful sunset. We had a very good timing. 🌅

Congratulations @gingbabida!

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Thank you so much @steemitbloggers. ❤

That title can not be better lol on a very sublime Sunday, wow! But What a views which you enjoyed and next to family and friends even better, excellent landscapes, what more could you ask for? sand, sun, sea, family and more.
Very good publication, sometimes it is good to give a (forced, in this case) respite hehehe of technology and enjoy nature.

Yes, it's a magnificent feeling to be with family and friends in such a joyously relaxing place. I didn't want it to end. 😁😂

Thank you for dropping by. 😊

A beautiful reading without a doubt, a truly beautiful and enviable Sunday from every point of view. Sometimes technology and modernity steal these moments of contact from both nature and human beings. What a beautiful experience I loved your story, what you transmit that it was the moment for you, the feeling of good vibes that you impregnate your words and the photographs that are a true beauty because of the beauty of the landscape and the well taken. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading you, I thought that the only part of the world where the light was going, was in my country, hahaha I see that not, I live in Venezuela. From now on, following you, you write great. A hug for you! @gingbabida

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